Centers For Traditional Wisdom

Abroad’s charitable foundation collaborates with indigenous cultures globally to preserve traditional wisdom

“In the wisdom of the past lies the hope of the future.” – Confucius​

While acknowledging the benefits of modernization, the Centers for Traditional Wisdom will explore the possibilities of retrieving and retaining some of the ancient knowledge and tools that may help individuals and societies to navigate the complexities and contradictions posed by the modern world.

The initiative neither over-romanticizes the traditional nor vilifies what is modern. Instead, to put it simply, while logic and rationality serve to fulfill one’s basic and practical material needs to survive as human beings, ancient wisdoms and mysticisms could take you beyond the limitations posed by logic - and guide you towards greater self-actualization.

Core Thematic Areas

Philosophy and Worldview

Under this theme, we look at how indigenous societies conceptualize the world around them, and how their approach to life and worldviews manifest in events, myths and legends, social relations, communication, and their take on nature and the environment around them. One example is the Gross National Happiness paradigm, which is a concept of living a contented life at an individual level that is extrapolated to that of a nation.

The Social and the Spiritual 

Spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious. While religion is a set of organized beliefs and practices shared by a community or group, spirituality is more an individual journey to find a sense of peace and purpose, and search for a greater meaning of life and connections with others. 

In our centers, the aim is to help participants understand the larger role in life beyond pursuing one’s career or accumulation of wealth. And to relieve one from excessive attachments and dependence on material objects - and to cope with change and uncertainties of life.

Nature, Environment and Space

For thousands of years indigenous cultures have coexisted in harmony with nature, rather than overexploiting their habitations through excessive mining and mindless deforestations. Fair use, of course, is accepted. If one needs to build a house, for which foundations have to be dug, or a large hydropower plant is needed, special ceremonies to seek permission from the earth are performed. 

In Bhutan, farmers take four days off from work every month to give the Earth a rest for working so hard to feed its citizens. These are the types of practices that will be explored at the centers. 

Language, Art & Crafts

Many traditional societies express their lives in various ways such as poetry, songs, dances, art, and language. One powerful method is the use of language that is rich, strong and conveys deep philosophical thoughts and ways. 

In Bali, there is a beautiful festival called Galungan, when they believe that their ancestors return to earth for 10 full days to spend time with their loved ones. It’s a deep message that one’s beloved does not die, unless they die in your memory and in your heart. 

Centers for Traditional Wisdom

Abroad and its community of executives are currently pooling their resources to build our first Center for Traditional Wisdom in Bhutan. The center will offer:

Retreats, educational and experiential learning trips in collaboration with Abroad

Digital detox programs for locals and internationals

Camping and rural immersions for local urban youth and business leaders

Silent retreats for those pursuing some spiritual goals

Buddhist retreats and pilgrimage for locals and internationals

Writing and brainstorming retreats for artists, writers and filmmakers

After Bhutan, Abroad will be working with our Maori partners in New Zealand, and the High Priestess of Bali to build additional centers. We hope to one day have hundreds of centers around the globe.

Get Involved

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