Travel & Awe

  1. Reconnect with the Natural World: Abroad chooses quests to destinations like Bhutan, Bali, Iceland and New Zealand to reconnect people to the awe and majesty of nature.

  2. Break the Script: Abroad quests take people out of their daily routines to expand their minds into new possibilities.

  3. Human Connection - Our experiences and practices are designed to build trust and meaningful human connections between leaders, teams and communities.

Education & Coaching

  1. The Finest Executive Development: Top business professors and coaches help individuals and teams achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

  2. Shifting Mindset: We work to transform any mindsets that are preventing people from leading with greater vision, courage, and compassion.

  3. Intrinsic Motivation: We support people in discovering their intrinsic motivations to live life with greater purpose and self understanding.

Wisdom & Inner Peace

  1. Mindfulness & Wellbeing: Our quests include mindfulness practices to help people connect to the deeper meaning of their work while rejuvenating their mind and soul.

  2. Immerse in New Cultures: Abroad Quests provide opportunities to learn from wisdom cultures how to experience the unconditional joy within.

  3. Selfless Service: All of our experiences include selfless service experiences to give back to the cultures that welcome us.


Videos from Previous Abroad Quests:


Abroad Bhutan Quest: Our inaugural Bhutan Quest brought together top executives from Insight Venture Partners, IBM, HSBC, Salesforce, State Street Bank, Genentech, and other global organizations to explore purpose, happiness, and human potential.

Bali Team Quest: Our sister company Good Culture wanted to break the script, immerse in the wisdom of Bali, and bring together our new management team to work abroad for two days. The result was enhanced trust, business breakthroughs, and a new shared purpose.



“The power of the group was instrumental in helping me crystallize a meaningful personal mission. The support, enthusiasm, and connections I have received from my co-Questers is unprecedented in my experience, and the quiet solitude of Bhutan allowed me to think deeply about my life mission and goals in ways that would not have been possible in my normally fast-paced life in the U.S..

- Former Senior Vice President & Global Pharma CIO


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