About Us

Our Mission

To actualize human potential and co-create the wellbeing economy

Abroad is a coaching, education, and research platform designed to actualize leadership and organizational potential. Our offerings are powered by evidenced-based research, practical applications, ancient wisdom, and mindfulness-based practices. 

In the first phase of our mission, Abroad is working with global leadership networks, venture portfolios, innovative organizations, and forward-thinking nations to holistically develop leaders and usher forth the #WellbeingEconomy for the benefit of all.

We named our organization Abroad because the pinnacle of our human development occurs in wisdom cultures such as Bhutan and New Zealand, but what Abroad ultimately refers to is "seeing beyond the horizon of what we know." We look forward to working with you. 

Our Values

We use the following principles to guide our work, ensure we achieve our greatest impact, and most importantly, to enjoy the journey 

Actualize Our Potential
Are we willing to challenge our deepest assumptions and see beyond the horizon of what we know? 
Our team is generative, iterative, and embraces the unknown.  
Autonomy & Accountability
We take full responsibility for our freedom, self mastery, and creative impact.  
Practical & Sustained 
We motivate from the heart and focus on lasting personal and professional impact. 
We cannot do this alone. Every relationship matters for us to achieve our greater purpose. 

Meet Our Team

Core Team

Our core team members keep our operations running smoothly while ensuring our global team stays connected to our mission  

Justin Milano
Founder & CEO
Mina Lee
Managing Partner
Dr. Robert C. Wolcott
Partner & Board Member
Janine Parziale
Operating Partner
Petra Schneider
Design & Curriculum
Ridham Tarpara
Full-Stack Developer
Jovica Prince 
Accounting & HR
Dorji Wangchuk
Chief Generosity Officer
Coaches & Mentors

We are honored to work with an international group of highly-experienced coaches

and mentors who understand the importance of holistic leadership development.

Justin Milano
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Mina Lee
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Simon Moyes
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Nadia Mufti
Specialty: Founders
Jason Sbordone
Specialty: Managers & High Potentials
Juna Mustad
Specialty: Managers & High Potentials
Todd Pierce
Specialty: Executives
Rebecca Crotts
Specialty: People Leaders
Desmond Koh
Specialty: Impact Finance
Janine Parziale
Specialty: Group Coaching
Nigel Wylie
Specialty: Co-Founder Dynamics
Melissa Loh
Specialty: Founders & High Potentials
Quest Faculty & Guides

Our transformative quests would not be possible without

the collective expertise of our faculty, global wisdom keepers, and local guides. 

Justin Milano
Teaching Focus: Leadership & Human Potential
Mina Lee
Teaching Focus: Leadership & Authenticity
Dr. Robert C. Wolcott
Teaching Focus: Vision & Innovation
Dr. Daniel Cordaro
Teaching Focus: Contentment & Emotions
Dr. Dorji Wangchuk
Teaching Focus: Compassion & Inner Balance
Matiu Te Huki
Teaching Focus: Maori Wisdom & Kapa Haka
Ida Resi Alit
Teaching Focus: Spirituality & Emotions
Nim Dorjee
Bhutan Tour Coordinator
Sophie Sofree
Event Producer & DJ
Ugyen Penjor 
Bhutan Lead Guide
Sharn Maree
New Zealand Tour Coordinator
Tshering Wangdi
Bhutan Lead Guide
Board & Advisors

Our board and advisors are dedicated to ensuring we have

the wisdom, resources and connections to develop a new generation of leaders

Justin Milano
Mina Lee
Board Member
Dr. Robert C. Wolcott
Board Member
Spencer Lake
Board Observer
Dr. Daniel Cordaro
Founder & Board Member Emeritus
Dr. Dorji Wangchuk 
Wisdom Board
Kenneth Wilcox
Wisdom Board
Desmond Koh
Compassion Capital

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