Our Vision

To actualize human potential and co-create the wellbeing economy


Abroad is a Human Transformation Platform℠ that seamlessly integrates people analytics, coaching, cohort-based learning, and personalized digital content to unlock individual and organizational flourishing. In the first phase of our mission, Abroad is working with global leadership networks, innovative organizations, forward-thinking nations, and indigenous wisdom keepers to holistically develop leaders and usher forth the Wellbeing Economy for the benefit of all.

We named ourselves Abroad because the pinnacle of our human development occurs in wisdom cultures abroad, but what Abroad refers to is “seeing beyond the horizon of what we know.”  

Our Values

Our team uses the following principles to guide our strategy and daily rhythms with the understanding it's about the journey, not the destination.


Actualize Our Potential 

We challenge our deepest assumptions and operate with a beginner’s mindset to see beyond the horizon of what we know. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are generative, iterative, and embrace the unknown as an essential path to recognizing our collective potential.


Autonomy & Accountability

We take full responsibility for our freedom, agreements, and 
creative impact and therefore attract top talent.

Impact is our Bottom Line 

We motivate from the heart and thrive by generating meaningful and sustained impact for the people we serve.


Collective Purpose

We cannot do this alone, every relationship matters, and it’s time 
to evolve from competition to cooperation and collaboration.

Abroad Wisdom Board

To ensure the highest integrity of our offerings, we created an advisory board of wisdom keepers to guide the strategy and development of our organization beyond the business/financial aspects. 


Our indigenous partners have a significant ownership stake in Abroad and have full autonomy to use the proceeds toward the social and environmental causes that could benefit most.  
The simple truth is without nature, the incredible cultures we visit, and the thousands of years of wisdom that has preceded us on what it means to live a flourishing life, Abroad's vision is not possible. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Abroad

As an international company with team members and clients all over the world, we actively seek to hire team members, contractors, and vendors from all generations and identities. We also acknowledge that we’re learning and growing, and thus are continually becoming aware of the things we can do to improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Abroad. 

Meet the People Behind Abroad

The Team

Our exceptional team keeps our international operations running smoothly while ensuring everyone stays connected to our vision

Justin new.png
Justin Milano
Founder & CEO
Manuela Mishke Reed.jpg
Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Chief Mental Health Officer
PP3 Robert Wolcott.png
Robert Wolcott, PhD
Chief Serendipity Officer
Chuck Geiger
Technology &
Product Strategy
Jessica Mangona.jpeg
Jessica Mangona
VP, Operations
Diaget Miller
Customer Success & Sales Associate
Abroad - team11.jpg
Ridham Tarpara
Director of Engineering
Alex Pflaum
Creative Director
Gabri Cuevas_ Back Office Manager.jpg
Gabri Cuevas
Back Office Manager
Emily Leeb.jpeg
Emily Leeb
Coaching Manager
anna sagalova.jpg
Anna Sagalova
Executive Coach & EMEA Partnerships
robert ziganshin.jfif
Robert Ziganshin
Audio Editor
Kath Robinson (1).jpeg
Kath Robinson
Instructional Designer
Bhavesh Radadiya
Full Stack Engineer
Headshot Abroad 2.JPG
Cliff Haggerty
Director of
People Ops

Advisory & Wisdom Board

We integrate the collective expertise of our advisors and wisdom 
keepers into both our digital and experiential learning

Ken Wilcox.jpeg
Ken Wilcox
Chairman Wisdom Board
Pamela Weiss.jpeg
Pamela Weiss
Abroad - team3.jpg
Spencer Lake
Board Observer
& Catalyst
Kathlyn Hendricks.jpeg
Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD
Somatic Psychology
Nadya Hutagalung.jpg
Nadya Hutagalung
Social &
Environmental Impact
Dorji Wangchuk, PhD
Compassionate Leadership
Abroad - team6.jpg
Ida Resi Alit
Bali High Priestess
Abroad - team5.jpg
Desmond Koh
Compassion Capital
Nim Dorjee
Experience Design
Christopher Gebhart.jpeg
Christopher Gebhart
Storytelling &


If you would like to join our international team that is driven by a collective purpose to actualize human potential and co-create the wellbeing economy, check back here as we feature open positions. 

Coaches & Facilitators

abroad feather gold.png

If you would like to become an Abroad coach and/or facilitator, please click here