The ACA Zoom Reset

3-15 minute exercises to reduce digital fatigue and anxiety

About Abroad

Abroad was founded out of a deep passion for helping leaders reach their true potential as professionals and as humans. We combine research, education, coaching, and mindfulness to help committed individuals evolve beyond their previous limitations and move themselves and their companies forward, backed up by empirical data.

Below you will find a range of exercises that have been designed to help ACA members reduce digital fatigue and anxiety between Zoom meetings.


The following mindfulness practices were developed by executive coaches Justin Milano and Simon Moyes. Justin is the CEO of Abroad and Simon has trained over 2,000 mindfulness teachers globally through Google's Search Inside Yourself leadership program.

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Mindfulness Practice - Focus


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Fear is excitement without the breath - Fritz Perls

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During meetings, it is natural for fear and anxiety to surface. When fear arises, you can use the following fear relaxers that are scientifically evidenced to calm your nervous system and increase your ability to focus on the present moment.  

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Fear Relaxers - Introduction


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Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

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