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Our transformative Quests include learning delivered by top professors, executive coaches, and local wisdom keepers to help leaders foster global understanding and generate breakthrough insights.


Below are the core design principles for each Quest.

Principle #1: Break the Script

Research shows that the greatest breakthroughs occur when we break the script of our normal routines, awaken awe, and quiet the mind. This is why we choose destinations such as Bhutan, New Zealand, and Ecuador for our educational programs.


We partner with heads of government, environment, education and spiritual organizations to provide leaders mind-expanding cultural experiences outside the conference room.

Principle #2: Practical ExecEd

Our quests include practical education (now accredited in Bhutan) from top professors and executive coaches. This is one of the greatest services we can provide. To translate for leaders how to apply modern science and ancient philosophy into their daily experience so they can lead with greater impact and purpose. 

Principle #3: Awaken Awe

On our quests, leaders trek the Himalayan mountains, ride helicopters over Fjords, and reconnect to the natural world. They also learn how nations like Bhutan are the only carbon negative country in the world, and how the New Zealand government is granting rivers the same legal rights as human beings.

Principle #4: Mindfulness

On our quests leaders practice various forms of mindfulness each day, while learning ancient secrets on how to cultivate sustainable happiness, inner peace and contentment.


By quieting and balancing the mind, leaders unlock expanded creativity, generate fresh insights, and experience wellbeing they didn’t know existed.

Principle #5

Compassionate Leadership

During each quest we create time to give back to the communities that welcome us.


Through our combined efforts we are building local entrepreneurship programs, preserving beautiful ecosystems, installing plumbing in monasteries, providing homes to the homeless, and donating to causes like curable blindness and the wellbeing of children.

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“As an executive for 30 years, I have experienced every possible form of leadership development. I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Ken Wilcox, Former CIO & SVP Genentech

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