Abroad's Theory of Transformation

Abroad’s roadmap to actualizing
human potential

The Following Principles Guide Our Development Philosophy

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100% Commitment

to Growth & Learning

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Sustainable Human
Growth Takes Time

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Is Holistic

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Each Person Requires 
Unique Support

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Learning Is Exponential In Community

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Embrace Science and Ancient Wisdom

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Balance Human and Digital Interaction

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One Person Can
Ripple Change 

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Our roadmap to self-actualization was developed by an international team of experts who’ve spent their lives understanding the secrets to unlocking human potential  



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Step 1: Awareness

Your journey begins with taking our Awareness Assessment and reviewing your results with a coach who will ask clarifying questions to help you discover the deeply held assumptions, mindsets, and behaviors driving your results. The deliverable from this process is a targeted growth plan for you and your team. 


Step 2: Breakthrough

With your growth plan, the next step is to break through your individual and cultural programming that is keeping you locked in fear and limitation. Through evidenced-based curriculum, coaching, and digital learning, the goal of Breakthrough is to awaken your innate potential and help you experience greater balance and fulfillment.

Step 3: Evolution

Now that you’re breaking through hidden limitations, in this stage you will practice a meta-learning process that builds your capacity to address any issue or potential that arises in work or life. This mindfulness-based process includes individual and group coaching, peer check-ins, and masterclasses to help you further cultivate your centers of intelligence. One of the greatest benefits is the increased connection you will feel with your team or community.     

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Step 4: Luminary

With increased self-awareness, in this stage, you will learn from visionaries and award-winning faculty how to increase your capacity to be a vehicle of transformation, inspiration and goodness to others. Through explorations of your life story, values, creativity, awe, and purpose, you will connect to your deepest intrinsic motivations and unlock your greatest potential for impact and service. 

Step 5: Actualize

With a deeper sense of purpose, Actualize immerses you in ancient wisdom with the goal of cultivating virtuous human attributes such as compassion, generosity, selfless service, love, and connection to nature and the cosmos. This part of the journey is taught by Abroad’s indigenous partners located in the world’s most beautiful wisdom cultures. The journey completed with an optional immersive experience at one of our Centers for Traditional Wisdom.   


Begin your journey towards unlocking your greatest self