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Abroad is a Human Transformation Platform™ designed to help leaders and organizations unlock their greatest purpose and potential. For the past five years, Abroad’s team of coaches, psychologists, and scientists have been conducting original research on more than 1,300 global leaders to discover how their wellbeing challenges affect individual and organizational performance. Through a seamless integration of people analytics, coaching, cohort-based learning, and personalized content, Abroad’s elegant digital platform with a human touch is scientifically-evidenced to unlock human and organizational flourishing.

Fast Facts & Financial Statistics


Year Founded: 2015


Headquarters: Austin, Texas
(100% Virtual Global Company)


Founder: Justin Milano


Number of Employees: 11-50


Funding to Date: $1,500,000


Investors/Funding Rounds: 2


Revenue Statistics: 258% Year-Over-Year (YOY)
Revenue Growth (2020-2021)

Executive Team

Justin Milano

15+ Years Entrepreneur
10+ Years Executive Coaching
Expert on Mind of Leaders


Robert Wolcott, PhD
Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Co-Founder of The World Innovation Network
5-Time EMBA Teacher of the Year at
Kellogg School of Management

PP3 Robert Wolcott.png

Chuck Geiger

Former CTO of Travelocity & PayPal
Co-Founder and CTO of Chegg
Expert on Product & Technology Strategy


Manuela Mischke-Reeds

20+ Years Psychotherapy Experience
Co-Director Hakomi Institute of California
Bestselling Author
Expert Trauma & Somatic Psychology

Manuela Mishke Reed.jpg

Products & Services

Abroad’s Human Transformation Platform seamlessly integrates people analytics, coaching, cohort-based learning, personalized content, and wisdom quests to develop all levels of an organization: employees, managers, senior leaders, and executives.

People Analytics

Psychometric Assessment - Abroad’s proprietary psychometric assessment provides individual, team, organization, and ecosystem insights. The assessment tool has undergone a 3rd party factor analysis with experienced data scientists and was used to conduct a landmark global study on the wellbeing of leaders. Click here to take the assessment for free

Scientific Measurement - Abroad’s people analytics platform allows individuals, teams, and organizations to scientifically measure their progress over time, and perform control group studies to test the impact of coaching and educational programs. Click here to learn about the platform features

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Individual Coaching - Abroad’s evidenced-based and holistic coaching methodology includes scientific awareness, customized growth plans, 360 analysis, live video sessions, and comprehensive impact reports. Click here to learn more

Team Coaching – Abroad’s team coaching is designed to foster greater trust, communication, and cohesion between teammates. Team coaching amplifies the impact of individual coaching by allowing team members to learn with and from each other while unlocking breakthroughs in team performance. Click here to learn more

Cohort-Based Learning

With widespread evidence of the ineffectiveness of MOOC’s, LMS’, and self-guided wellbeing apps, Abroad’s approach to learning is fundamentally human, allowing all team members in an organization to go on interactive learning journeys where they can ask questions and participate in exercises to apply the wisdom learned with their teammates. Abroad’s signature programs include:

Breakthrough - For mindset and resilience

Evolution - Mindfulness-based learning

Luminary - Intrinsic motivation & purpose

Theory of Transformation - Click here to learn more
about Abroad’s theory of human transformation.

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Wisdom Quests

For those interested in the deepest transformation, Abroad organizes awe-inspiring quests to the world’s most beautiful wisdom cultures such as Bhutan, New Zealand, Bali, and Peru. To date, the quests have attracted top executives from Salesforce, Genentech, Roche, IBM, Insight Venture Partners, and other Fortune 100 companies

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As part of Abroad’s CSR Initiatives, we study the wellbeing of leaders as a path to increased innovation, performance, and positive societal impact. The Leader Wellbeing Index (LWI) is a global cooperative that provides leaders, organizations, and investors the awareness and support they need to positively impact the world and feel well while they do it. The mission of the LWI is to build healthy, high-performing innovation ecosystems. We are currently enrolling partners
who can engage with LWI at different levels:

Game Changers
These are people and organizations who demonstrate extraordinary courage and compassion by prioritizing their time and energy to coordinate large-scale action around these initiatives. This can include organizing leadership wellbeing programs in your community, working to empower indigenous communities, or organizing a compassion project for your employees to rally around.

These are people and organizations who demonstrate generosity by providing the financial resources to support these initiatives. This can include sponsoring further wellbeing research, subsidizing leadership wellbeing programs, and/or being a major donor to a wisdom center or compassion project.

These are people and organizations who are willing to create awareness of these initiatives by inviting your personal, professional, and social networks to learn more about these initiatives, and how to get involved.

A Call to Visionary Leaders
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Human beings are suffering at scale, as evidenced by the global wellbeing market being a $4.2T category growing 10% annually. Abroad’s integrated CSR strategies around research, wisdom, and compassion are designed to help address the root causes of the crises while supporting the development of a wellbeing economy that promotes human and ecological flourishing.



A global cooperative that provides leaders, organizations, and
investors the empirical awareness and support they need to positively impact the world and feel well while they do it. It is our hope that LWI become the NPS for leader

Centers for



While acknowledging the benefits of modernization,
the Centers for Traditional Wisdom will explore the possibilities of retrieving and
retaining some of the ancient knowledge and tools that may help individuals and societies navigate the complexities of the modern world.



An international initiative with a mission to alleviate
suffering by amassing and regenerating love and compassion in the world. The projects provide leaders and organizations opportunities to experience the joy and contentment of
altruistic service.

As part of Abroad’s CSR efforts, we donate 3% of our sales to preserve ancient wisdom and empower indigenous communities, and work with our community to provide financial support to those who need it most.

Partners & Clients

These are some of the forward-thinking organizations we have worked with to develop their leaders and teams.

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Media Contact & Social Channels

Stacie Fleming
V.P. of PR & Communications