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Abroad Platform

An elegant platform with a human touch

Abroad’s digital platform enhances our coaching and programs by providing individuals, teams, and networks access to personalized learning, coaching, and progress tracking. Our assessment is free, so take the platform for a test ride. 


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Platform Features

The Awareness Assessment

Thousands of global leaders and their teams have used our Awareness Assessment to uncover opportunities to grow and thrive. Our proprietary assessment provides targeted insights to individuals, teams, and entire ecosystems and was used to conduct our landmark global study on the mental and emotional health of leaders.  

Growth Plan with Coach

After taking the assessment, you will be invited to review your results with a coach to discover the deeply held assumptions and mindsets that are preventing you from actualizing your potential. Your coach will then work with you to identify high leverage areas of growth, and you can log and track insights related to your learning intentions on the Abroad platform. 

Personalized Self
Reflection Questions

Each week we will send you personalized questions to stimulate curiosity around the most important growth areas highlighted in your assessment. The questions begin with the categories in which you scored lowest, and continue until all categories in which you scored lower than 90% are addressed. The result is a personalized curriculum that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Learning & Coaching Library

Abroad’s learning library features masterclasses,  coaching audios, and exercises from executive coaches, psychologists, professors, and wisdom keepers to help you learn on the go. Our content is a unique combination of scientifically-evidenced teachings and ancient wisdom designed to help you lead with greater purpose, balance and self understanding. 

Scientific Measurement of Progress

With your platform license you and your team can take the Awareness Assessment as many times as you like and measure progress over time. This is the most important part of our work together. To celebrate the progress you and your team are making, and to continually discover new opportunities for growth and learning.

Ready to take the Platform for a test drive? 


Teams & Ecosystems