Peru FAQ's

Please read through these frequently asked questions that provide specific information on how to prepare for your Peru Quest, including packing suggestions and other relevant information.  

What are the dates for the Peru Quest?

August 26 - Sept 2, 2019 

What kind of pace can I expect on this Quest?

Our itineraries are designed to include plenty of mind-blowing experiences from a Peruvian insider's perspective, whether that means encountering culture, spirituality, people or pristine wilderness. Our quest will include activities such as hiking to Machu Picchu, inspiring conversations with Peruvian indigenous wisdom keepers, and executive education to design your next evolution of personal and professional impact.  

For ExecEd, we only work with top professors and executive coaches. Our lead expert for this Quest is Professor Rob Wolcott, a Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, one of the top business schools in the world. Joining Rob is Dr. Daniel Cordaro, former Director of Wellbeing at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Justin Milano, CEO of Abroad and International Executive Coach to top entrepreneurs and CEO's. Click here for complete bios of our experts.

By the end of this Quest, it is our promise that you will learn skills to cultivate innovation, foresight, wellbeing, and meaning beyond what you previously thought possible.        

Who will be on the trip with me?

The group will include senior leaders and influencers from top organizations throughout the world. Expect high-net worth individuals, C-Suite execs, and partners at major financial institutions, and their families.

Will this trip be unique?

What makes Peru magical - beyond the natural beauty - is XX

On your Abroad Quest you will stay in luxury accommodations and be guided by locals on how to experience the best Peru has to offer.

What's included?
7 nights stay in luxury hotels

  • Round-trip flight from Lima to Cusco

  • ExecEd for self awareness, leadership, purpose and mindset development

  • Mind-blowing cultural immersion and selfless service experiences

  • Pilgrimages to ancient monasteries

  • Rejuvenation and spa treatments

  • Session with a senior executive coach to empower your personal mission

  • All meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Community dinners with guest speakers sharing their knowledge and passion for Peru

  • Powerful professional networking and collaboration opportunities

  • Tips for guides and drivers

  • 90-minute online group circle post the Quest

  • Dedicated local concierge

  • Put simply, once you arrive in Lima, we take care of the rest

Are my flights included?

You will need to arrange your flights to Lima, and we have held round-trip seats for you from Lima to Cusco to ensure you have seats.

When should I arrive in Lima?

You need to arrive in Lima sometime on August 26, with a preference for morning or early afternoon, as we plan to have a small welcome dinner at 6pm.

When should I arrange my return flight home?

On April 2, 2019, our flight will land in Lima around XX. We recommend leaving at least 4 hours of space between flights, and you may want to consider staying one night in Lima. Sometimes weather can cause delays when leaving Lima on small planes that need to fly over large mountains. 

Furthermore, and we cannot stress this enough, please do your best to ease back into your work life. This is a powerful experience, so launching back into 10-12 hour workdays is not advised. You can work, just do so at a slower pace.  

What are our flight details?


I wish to book additional nights stay in Lima, how can I do this? 

Send us a message and we will connect you with our associate in Lima, a 5 star hotel, who will offer special rates for additional night stay.

I’m arriving early morning on August 26th. Is there early check in? 


Do I need a visa to visit Peru?


What is the size of the cohort?

We limit cohort sizes to 15-20 participants, along with 5-7 staff. This ensures we have an intimate group where everyone experiences focused personal and professional transformation. This also makes it easier to form meaningful relationships with other participants. By the end of the Quest, it is our hope that you form friendships and professional collaborations that last a lifetime.

What should I pack for this Quest?

The airlines allows checked baggage up to XXkg for free. 




You’re invited to bring a nicer outfit for our final ceremony dinner.

What does a typical day look like?


A typical day begins with breakfast, followed by an excursion exploring Peru’s breathtaking cultural and physical landscapes. Some days we may hike up XX. Or sit in an outdoor mountain classroom, learning and engaging with some of the most brilliant minds on the topics of mindset, purpose and ancient wisdom. Returning back to our hotels for rest or indulgent spa treatments, we will then reconvene for community dinner, some evenings graced by Peruvian guest speakers, sharing their knowledge and passion for Peruvian culture.

Every day will be filled with new discoveries, inward and out. Given the diversity of experiences, we advise always traveling with layers for the varying temperatures throughout the valley.

Will there be filtered water provided?

Yes, it will. We advise you to carry your own reusable water bottle, to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that get thrown out daily in the country.

What about attire?


Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Yes. Abroad requires that you personally purchase comprehensive travel insurance to participate in any Abroad Quest. We require all participants to provide us with evidence of your travel insurance policy number 2 weeks prior to the Quest. That way if anything occurs, that way if anything occurs we are happy to support you.

Do I need to worry about malaria?

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

Given we have limited spaces available, and we are traveling to Peru during the heart of high season, we require a 100% upfront payment to hold your space and demonstrate your commitment.  

We understand that life and business happens and you may need to cancel. In those cases, we will refund:

  • 75% of your trip cost 60+ days before the trip

  • 50% of your trip cost 30+ days before your trip

If you need to cancel within 30 days, we will do our best to work with you as we try to fill your spot. It's important to recognize that very few people travel to Peru on less than one month's notice, so we may not be able to fill your spot and many of our costs are fixed upfront.   

What about currency?

The currency in Peru is known as the Nuevo Sol and is listed at exchanges as “Sol”

US dollars are accepted in Peru. Some businesses accept US dollars and you can also withdraw dollars from many Peruvian ATMs (cash machines). However we do recommend a pocket full of soles for small purchases.

At the end of my trip, if I have spare Nuevo Sol, where can I exchange it?

We suggest that prior to your return from Peru, you should spend your remaining Sol!

Is tipping customary?

Tipping is not compulsory in Peru, however we like to show our appreciation for the generosity and conscientiousness of our guides and drivers with a group tip at our final closing ceremony. A way of sharing gratitude for their stories about their people, culture and history.

We have included tips in the cost of your trip so you don’t have to worry about having cash with you. Should you wish to tip someone on the team who really touched you, or people you meet along the way, we advise you to change US$ to Ngultrum at the airport and offer to them directly.

I plan to not carry much cash to Peru, are credit cards widely accepted?


Is there laundry service at the hotels we are staying at?


What does the dedicated local concierge do?

Our local concierge is responsible for making sure you don't have to think about anything other than your personal and professional growth. Everything from ensuring transfers arrive on time, to having all the best information on local restaurants, activities, and more. Your Abroad Quest is a high-touch seamless travel experience made possible by our local concierge and all the wonderful locals we work with. By the end of this trip, it is our hope that you express your sincere gratitude to Sophie, Lisa, Alexa and our guides for all they are doing to give each of a memorable life experience. 

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