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Holistic Leadership & Team Development

What if you woke up in a few months and everything was easier?

Abroad is a coaching, education, and research platform designed to actualize human potential

"In my 30 years as an executive, Abroad's leadership development programs are among the best I've seen."



Practical Business Applications

Ancient Wisdom

Therapeutic Practices


Your Journey Starts With Awareness

Thousands of global leaders and their teams have used our assessment to uncover opportunities to grow and thrive.  This is the same assessment that was used to conduct our landmark global study on the mental and emotional health of leaders.

Our Annual Explore

An elegant digital platform with a human touch. Abroad's membership provides individuals, teams, and entire ecosystems access to personalized learning and coaching:

1. Annual Growth Plan with an executive coach
2. Masterclasses from leading professors and experts
3. Audio coaching library to learn on the go
4. Weekly questions targeted to your critical growth areas
5. Take unlimited assessments to measure progress

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And Then, Breakthrough.

Once you have completed the assessment, take immediate action in improving your results. Abroad will provide you with six weeks of free access to our signature Breakthrough program that has been scientifically-evidenced to enhance wellbeing and performance

Key Scientific Results

Burnout Resistence


Fundraising Confidence


Burnout Resistence


Fundraising Confidence


“The Breakthrough Program is very deep, reflective, and relevant. It’s like re-learning to be human.” 

Alfatih Timur

Co-Founder & CEO Kitabasa


Abroad donates 3% of each membership to high-impact environmental and social causes. With each membership, we plant 10 trees in collaboration with the incredible female entrepreneurs at Tree Sisters, and donate $10 to build Centers for Traditional Wisdom in collaboration with our indigenous partners.

Abroad Wisdom Board Members Dr. Dorji Wangchuk of Bhutan and Ida Resi Alit, the High Priestess of Bali.


At any time you can take your
development further through
our world-class individual,
team, and community-based
coaching programs.

Through my Abroad coaching, I have seen how enhancing my self-awareness and taking good care of myself are fundamental ingredients to Kyash and I achieving our greatest potential.

Shinichi Takatori

CEO, Kyash

I used to be coached by the legendary Bill 
Campbell, and Abroad’s executive coaching 
has the same level of impact.

Chuck Geiger

Former CTO Paypal & Co-Founder Chegg

I had multiple colleagues from across the organization remark about breakthroughs and epiphanies that they’ve been experiencing thanks to Abroad.

Katrina Uychaco

Co-founder and Emeritus Leader of GitHub’s Employee Resource for Marginalized Genders

Experiential Learning

For those interested in the deepest transformation, you can apply to join us for an immersive educational experience in Bhutan, New Zealand, and other wisdom cultures. 

"A deeply transformative experience - grounded in mindfulness, leadership, actionable experiences and values that transcend cultures and generational boundaries.  You will get a clear roadmap to mission and impact, and develop a network that will stay with you for life."

Jesus Mantas

Senior Managing Partner, IBM


By signing up for coaching or participating in an experience, you are invited to monthly roundtables where you can connect and learn from a global network of leaders interested in lifetime friendships and evolutionary collaborations.

Global Research

In addition to helping people actualize their potential, Abroad is working with global leadership networks, venture capital portfolios, and forward-thinking nations to conduct original research on how the psychological and emotional development of leaders can lead to new systems and economic models that work for everyone #WellbeingEconomy

Only 6% of entrepreneurs and business
owners are feeling fundamentally well

Begin Your Journey to Unlocking
Your Greatest Self

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