Mina Lee

Authentic Expression, Team Cohesion & Culture

I help leaders and teams build cultures of authenticity, creativity and easy collaboration. My clients often tell
me about how open and grounded they feel with me
and are surprised at the amount of transformation that
is possible within a short amount of time.


I have a B.S. in Finance, Economics, and Social Entrepreneurship from Stern, NYU. Prior to becoming Managing Director at Abroad, I was a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and The World Bank, an entrepreneur, and a Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer for Xiaomi Southeast Asia. 


I live in San Francisco and spend a portion of my year
in China. I serve as a cultural bridge between the East
and the West as well as business/culture and ancient philosophy. I am curious about how to build movements, stories, and aspirations around human transformation
and self-actualization.  

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