Exploring Family Dynamics in Paradise

Family businesses have the potential to become the world’s greatest vehicle for positive change. Crucibles of integrity, innovation, heritage and continuity, family enterprises constitute an enormous percentage of global value creation. And now, a whole generation of Next Gens are about to step up and take the lead on the world stage. Amongst these new and inspiring leaders, there is a deep sense of commitment to social change, environmental stewardship and, sometimes, a desire to bring the family business into new and uncharted waters.

This is why we are launching a series of Quests tailored specifically to global family businesses – to help Leadership and Next Gens generate alignment and explore their next evolution of purpose in inspiring ways.

At Abroad, we believe in the power of bringing courageous conversations outside of the board room and conference center and into immersive settings that become a sandbox for transformation and learning. For deep and meaningful conversations to take place, we combine elements of purpose exploration, emotional connection, and shared experiences.

Our Family Enterprise Quest will take place in the paradisiacal setting of Costa Careyes, located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Founded in the 1970s as a luxury bohemian enclave, Careyes is defined by a rare energy that permeates every corner. Its magic lies in the founding members’ sensibilities in combining the raw power of pristine nature with whimsical villas and an understated charm. Careyes is a place infamous for being closed off to the outside world, accessible only to those with an insider’s key and a desire to get off the grid completely.

We will be housed in the Casa Triton Estate and their partner villa for the duration of our stay, sleeping in a combination of luxury bungalows and bedrooms with shared palapa spaces, infinity pools, a watchtower with 360 degree views, and extensive bougainvillea gardens.

The Quest includes transformational sessions with our leading family business faculty; exhilarating boat rides exploring the coast and its hidden beaches; sunset ceremonies and immersions in surrealist art-scapes, and delicious Mexican cuisine. In addition to the world class ExecEd and experiences, you will form powerful friendships and professional collaborations with an extraordinary group of fellow family business owners and change-makers.

World-Class Family Business Education

On your Quest you will receive the finest Family Business Education from top professors and executive coaches. Our lead expert for this Quest is Professor Justin Craig, a Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise and the former Director of the Center for Family Enterprises at the Kellogg School of Management, one of the top business schools in the world. His research focuses on the strategy, function, management, and performance of multi-generational family enterprises. Joining Justin Craig is Michelle Buck, Professor of Leadership at Kellogg; Justin Milano, CEO of Abroad and International Executive Coach to top entrepreneurs and CEO's; and Alexa Firmenich, Abroad partner and Next Gen to the 125-year old family business Firmenich in Switzerland.

(See below for more information on faculty and curriculum)

Topics We Will Cover Include:

  • Charting the Future - Stewardship and Transformation in Family Enterprise

  • Transitioning Your Family Business To The Next Generation – Ethics, Alignment and Emergent Values

  • Maximizing Leadership Impact - Inspiring Stories and Courageous Conversations

  • Leadership, Storytelling and Your Personal Brand in the Family

  • “Untold Stories” and “Managing the Curse”

  • Explorations of the true nature of happiness

By the end of this Quest, it is our promise that you will learn skills to connect deeply to yourself, your fellow family members, and find new sources of fulfillment to enhance your family’s leadership and impact in the world.

For more information, see our video, curriculum overview, photos and Frequently Asked Questions. Contact alexa@abroad.io for availability.

Cheers to your Transformation...

The Abroad Team


What's Included

  • 4 nights / 5 days in luxury estate and villas

  • Family Enterprise Education for self awareness, leadership, purpose and mindset development

  • Sweeping natural immersion and coastal discoveries

  • Rejuvenation and spa treatments

  • Discovering Costa Careyes’ hidden gems and surrealist art-scapes

  • Night-time bonfires under the stars

  • Transfers to and from Manzanillo / Puerto Vallarta airports

  • Sessions with a senior executive coach to empower your personal mission

  • All meals, snacks and drinks. Our meals will be cooked by the estate’s chef, Adriana, and our menu features all locally sourced ingredients and market produce. We will also venture out for lunch at the picturesque restaurant on Playa Rosa and dine under the stars at Playa Teopa

  • Powerful professional networking and collaboration opportunities

  • Comprehensive travel insurance policy

  • Tips for Mexican staff and drivers

  • 90-minute online group circle post-Quest

  • Dedicated local concierge service

  • Put simply, you are only responsible for your airfare. We take care of the rest.

Bhutan Quest Video

Dates & Pricing

Feb 13 - Feb 17 2020

$9,500 USD per family participant: Includes private bedroom in stunning luxury villa

Young Generation Scholarship:
Scholarships are available for family members under 21 years of age. Contact us to know more. Includes shared bedroom in luxury villa

Full Payment Required to Reserve. Limited Spots Available

75% refund if cancelled 60+ days prior to arrival; 50% refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to arrival. Within 30 days we will do our best but cannot guarantee any refund

Further Questions
Please e-mail alexa@abroad.io


Faculty & Curriculum Highlights


Justin Craig

Clinical Professor of Family Enterprises, Bond University

Charting the Future: Stewardship and Transformation

Justin Craig has worked with and for business owning families since he was 11 years of age. As the former Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise and Director of the Center for Family Enterprises at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, his research focuses on the strategy, function, management, and performance of multi-generational family enterprises and those who lead and steward them. He has authored 46 peer-reviewed academic publications and teaching cases and has co-edited several books all aimed at better understanding the challenges facing business families across the globe.

Session Description: “Navigating unchartered waters is the new normal. On their watch, Next-Gens will be faced with challenges in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Meeting these challenges will require a stewardship mindset and a transformational skill set. Learning intensively with and from others faced with similar challenges is proven to be the most effective method to deeply understand and embrace different perspectives. This immersion helps hone the individual insight that will be required to lead (steward) and continue differently (transform). While previous generations have either created or conquered their enterprises, Next-Gens need to be equipped to do all that and more as they are enlisted to deliver both economic and societal wealth to stakeholders.”


Alexa Firmenich

NextGen of 125 Year-Old Family Enterprise Firmenich, Abroad Family Program Manager

Transitioning Your Family Business To The Next Generation

Alexa Firmenich creates, leads and facilitates learning journeys into the wilderness through the company she founded, Atlas Unbound. In these experiences she guides entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers on both outer and inner immersive explorations, learning and innovating from the wisdom of nature's systems, with her own custom-designed workshops focusing on complexity and regenerative systems thinking, indigenous practices, nature re-connection, the development of emergent leadership skills and deep ecology awareness.

She is a global thought-leader on climate related issues and planetary stewardship, is a founding board member of the Mare Nostrum Plastics Initiative and Board Member of Global Footprint Network. Her written work and photography on conservation and sustainability has been published worldwide. As a Next Gen of the Firmenich family business, she is also passionate about bridging the gap between different generations and paradigms, and how to transition our current systems of governance and economics into thriving models.


Michelle Buck

Clinical Professor of Leadership, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

Maximizing Leadership Impact: Inspiring Stories and Courageous Conversations

Michelle L. Buck serves as Clinical Professor of Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management.  For over 25 years, she has used innovative teaching methods to inspire and enable leaders to maximize their impact and to unleash the potential of others.  Her work focuses on leadership narrative and storytelling, courageous conversations, conflict transformation and negotiations, and using the arts in leadership education.  She has worked with private, public, nonprofit, and family organizations, and previously served as Kellogg’s Director of Leadership Initiatives. She has a PhD in social psychology from Princeton University, and has won teaching awards at Washington University in St. Louis and at McGill University in Montreal. 

Session Description: “Leadership effectiveness is grounded in self-awareness. Leaders gain clarity of direction, agility, empathy and courage when they know their own strengths, values and guiding purpose. They also provide vision and purpose to others by having a powerful leadership narrative, what we call a guiding “Story”.  These immersive sessions will explore the ways that leaders across generations can develop their own personal brand within the family, as well as provide meaningful identity and alignment within the organization. An important element will be knowing how to create a culture of “brave voices” that enables others to speak up about the issues and conversations that really matter and to transform concerns or conflict into creative opportunities.”


Justin Milano

CEO of Abroad and Executive Coach

Mindset Development: Executive Coaching & Mindfulness

The most successful people in the world are concerned about the notion of mission and purpose. They continually ask questions about where they are going, and where we are going as a species. While you attend Justin Craig’s and Michelle Buck’s sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with Justin to transform any mindsets that are preventing you from leading with greater courage, compassion, and purpose. Justin advises dozens of top global entrepreneurs, and as a bonus on this Quest, NextGens will receive critical personal coaching and development on how to be an evolutionary entrepreneur in today’s fast-faced, digital world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members of my family can attend the Quest?

On every Family Quest we strive to bring several different families together (up to five in total). In our experience, a smaller group size is necessary for an intimate and powerful container, and as our accommodations are exclusive in nature and have limited space, each family can bring up to three participants in total. We also strongly encourage that different generations are represented in order to stimulate different perspectives and conversations.

Can I bring my spouse?

We strongly discourage a spouse attending the Quest. On our other Quests, such as Bhutan and Bali, our participants often bring their significant other but here the focus is on very internal family dynamics and interactions. We have found that the most meaningful and honest conversations often occur within a direct family-held container.

What happens after I apply?

We will review your application to ensure you are a good fit for this particular experience. If so, we then progress to a required 30-minute interview with our Founder and CEO Justin Milano, or our Project Manager Alexa Firmenich.

What will we discuss during my 30-minute interview?

During the required 30-minute interview, we will learn a bit more about your personal goals, challenges and opportunities. The call is designed to determine if this is the right experience for you, or if another coaching or educational opportunity is better suited.  

Is the curriculum customized?

Our curriculum and coaching is designed to be adaptable and customized for each series of families that come together. Each day during the Quest, our faculty will meet to discuss the unique and evolving needs of our group and if any adjustments need to be made to the sessions we offer. Expect impromptu breakout sessions and experiences to guide the distinctive needs of our group.

What can I expect with the sessions?

We focus on developing the whole human, so expect a combination of practical toolkits on family business and inter-generational skills, mindset development, and ancient practices like mindfulness to promote greater self understanding.    

How do you choose your locations?

We carefully select the destinations for Abroad Quests based on extraordinary outdoor activities, sublime scenery, suitable luxurious accommodations and the opportunity to experience enlightening local cultures. Through these immersive experiences, our group learns about different forms of value and richness .

How do I get to Costa Careyes?

Costa Careyes is served by two main airports – Manzanillo Airport (1h away by car) and Puerto Vallarta Airport (2.5h by car). Both have direct weekly flights from several international hubs, and have regular daily flights from Mexico City. Once you land, we will take care of the rest and you can sit back and enjoy the scenic and atmospheric drives through Mexican landscapes and local villages.

What is the size of the cohort?

We limit cohort sizes to 15-20 participants to ensure a focused and personal transformation. This also makes it easier to form meaningful relationships with other participants. By the end of the Quest, it is our hope that you form friendships and collaborations that last a lifetime.

Who will be on the trip with me?

The group will include other family business offices and individuals from around the world, in respective generations and familial roles. Expect high-net worth individuals, C-Suite execs, partners at major financial institutions, emerging leaders, and their families.   

Are my flights included?

We take care of everything except your flights. You will need to arrange your own flights to either Manzanillo or Puerto Vallarta by the required arrival date/time.

Do I have to stay at the chosen accommodation?

Yes, we require that all participants to stay in our accommodations as Costa Careyes is an exclusive community, where not all homes are available for rent, and neither at the parter prices we have obtained. Many meaningful relationships are formed during the peaceful hours around the property and these shared moments together are important and deeply enriching.

Who will be my Executive Coach?

We pair you with the appropriate executive coach based on the needs identified in your application and those that arise during the Quest.   

What does the dedicated local concierge do?

Our concierge is responsible for making sure you don't have to think about anything other than your personal and professional growth. Your Abroad Quest is a high-touch seamless travel experience made possible by our local concierge and all the wonderful locals we work with. 

Are there any issues with safety in this area of Mexico?

We endeavor to ensure that every location Abroad visits is safe to travel to and that we have taken all necessary precautions to check local conditions prior to a trip. The area around Costa Careyes is known to be incredibly safe, with many high ranking and influential figures constantly coming through. We cannot speak for any overnight stays in Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo, although both are known again to be popular tourist destinations.

For any further questions, please visit our FAQ’s or please e-mail alexa@goodgroup.io



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Our Social Impact: For every Abroad cohort, we sponsor an underprivileged elementary school to receive wellbeing training with the Contentment Foundation. The wellbeing of our society begins with the wellbeing of future generations. To learn more about this initiative, click here