Luminaries Program

You’ve attended one of our Quests, ignited new inspiration and collaborations, and are feeling a deeper sense of inner peace. Now you are back in the matrix, and the questions become:

  • How do I continue the momentum?

  • How can I bring the wisdom I learned Abroad to others?

This is why we created the Abroad Luminaries Program. Over a 2-year period, you will be invited to attend all our 3-night immersions and participate in virtual executive coaching and group sessions to maintain your connection to yourself and our community.

But perhaps most importantly, you will be asked to play an influential role in evolving the current leadership paradigm. There are two tracks for this program:

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Growth Track

The growth track is designed to empower your missions and continue your holistic leadership development.

Key Transformations Include:

  • Mission - Tools and connections to empower your mission and purpose

  • Focus - Focused strategy so you are not stretched thin

  • Mindful Leadership - Lead with greater awareness, balance, and non-reactivity

  • Inner Peace - Generate a feeling of indestructible inner peace

  • Emotions - Healthy relationship with all your emotions, especially fear and anger

  • Relationships - Thriving interpersonal relationships, from the boardroom to the bedroom

  • Vitality - Healthy body, nutrition, and sleep patterns

  • Cultural Understanding & Diversity - Through continued travel and exploration

  • Community - A lifetime community of friends and a collaborators

  • Natural World - An intimate connection with the natural world

  • Money & Technology - Healthy relationships with money and technology

  • Story - A story written about you and the impact you are making on the world

Facilitator Track

In addition to all the benefits of the Growth Track, the Facilitator Track is designed for you to develop key coaching and facilitation skills to offer workshops and events within your organization or community. As part of this program you will:

  1. Join our faculty behind the scenes to understand the inner workings of our events

  2. Learn to better recognize and deliver on the needs of participants

  3. Learn the fundamentals of coaching and facilitation


What’s Included

Growth Track

  • Participation in all 3-night immersions, monthly online circles, and our Luminaries WhatsApp group