Leadership Coaching for Individuals

Holistic development for leaders ready to amplify their impact

Abroad’s tech-enabled coaching process helps you actualize your potential so you can amplify your impact. Our approach provides empirical evidence to demonstrate your growth and development. We invite you to read on to learn more about our five-stage process.




Growth Plan
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360° Analysis





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Abroad's 5 Step Process

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The Awareness Assessment

Thousands of global leaders and their teams have used our Awareness Assessment to uncover opportunities to grow and thrive. Our proprietary assessment provides targeted insights to individuals, teams, and entire ecosystems and was used to conduct our landmark global study on the wellbeing of leaders.  

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Growth Plan with Coach

After taking the assessment, you will be invited to review your results with a coach to discover the deeply held assumptions and mindsets that are preventing you from actualizing your potential. Your coach will then work with you to identify high-leverage areas of growth, and you can log and track insights related to your learning intentions on the Abroad platform. 


360° Analysis

Your coach will conduct confidential interviews with a select number of your key stakeholders to ascertain your strengths, areas for growth, and potential blind spots. The results of these interviews will supplement the Abroad Awareness Assessment results and be integrated directly into the focus of your coaching sessions.


Leadership Coaching

Private coaching provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to courageously dive into unresolved issues, hidden potential, and practice new leadership skills and behaviors. You will meet twice monthly in live coaching sessions with your coach.

Our algorithm helps to identify the ideal coach 
for you. If we identify more than one coach who could be the best match for you, you will also have the opportunity to meet with both for a “fit call” to determine who you will partner with. 

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Impact Report

At the end of your first six months of coaching, you will retake our assessment and revisit your learning goals to generate an impact report to empirically demonstrate a return on the investment in your leadership and performance.

Your growth is supported by Abroad's proprietary platform:

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Intentions & Insights Tracking


Personalized Self-Reflection Questions


World-Class Educational Programs


Audio Library to Support Coaching


Scientific-Measurement of Progress


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Leaders who work with Abroad for individual coaching often invite their teams to work with Abroad. Learn more below.

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Team Coaching

The team coaching format allows leaders to influence one other and learn together, thereby amplifying the impact of the learning experience. Our unique approach to coaching includes people analytics, a holistic leadership development strategy, and live coaching sessions. We combine science with timeless wisdom to help each of your leaders actualize their full potential. 

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Educational Programs

Abroad offers world-class educational programs that feature globally-relevant, expert-designed content to unlock and drive your team’s highest level of performance while enhancing their well-being. 

Take our free assessment and our matching algorithm will recommend your ideal coach based on your role, stage, and the growth opportunities highlighted in your assessment 


Abroad was founded out of a deep passion for helping leaders reach their true potential as professionals and as humans. We combine research, education, and coaching to help committed individuals evolve beyond their previous limitations and move themselves and their companies forward, backed up by empirical data.