Leader Wellbeing Index

We research how the wellbeing of leaders impacts performance and innovation

As part of Abroad's CSR initiatives, Abroad’s team of psychologists, executive coaches, and venture capitalists just completed a 5-year landmark study on the mental and emotional health of 1,300+ leaders. We’re enlisting charter partners to champion Leader Wellbeing for the betterment of the global innovation ecosystem and humanity as a whole.

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Our Research

Below are some of the areas where we have either conducted research or are in the process of doing so. 


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We conducted a global study to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand the sources of their mental and emotional health struggles. 

New Zealand Early-Stage Innovation Ecosystem

New Zealand private and government organizations wanted to uncover how leaders in their early-stage innovation ecosystem compared to our global dataset. 


Senior Executives

In collaboration with leadership networks globally, we are researching the unique wellbeing challenges that corporate executives face behind the scenes.

Doctors & Physicians

We are working with networks of doctors to better understand the challenges they face running their practices while working directly with patients.


Investment Portfolios

We provide insights and analytics to venture capital and private equity portfolios to help them unlock hidden potential and 
mitigate risk within their portfolios.

Our Partners

As an impact-driven organization, we don’t have the hubris to think we
can make lasting, positive, systemic change alone.

Together, we can create a sustainable ripple in the fabric of our global society - changing it from a system that promotes stress, non-stop activity, and depletion to one that encourages liberation, inner discovery, and creative potential.

We’re rallying support from a global cooperative of mission-aligned partners to foster healthy innovation ecosystems and promote leader wellbeing.

Game Changers

These are courageous people who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to building small movements within their organizations, portfolio companies, and innovation ecosystems to champion leader wellbeing. 

Suse Reynolds | Angel Association of New Zealand

Khailee Ng | 500 Startups

Martin Bell | Auckland University of Technology

Bridget Unsworth | Angel Association of New Zealand

Muzna Khan | 500 Startups

Sabrina Nagel | Auckland University of Technology

Desiree Vargas | P33


These are organizations that have made financial contributions to further wellbeing research and/or subsidize the development of young leaders who don't have the financial resources to access essential wellbeing wisdom. 

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These are individuals who are inviting their social and professional networks to participate in Abroad’s monthly Fireside Chats to learn about our research findings, and get inspired that a new reality is available to them as leaders.

Leanne Robers| She Loves Tech

Robert Wolcott| World Innovation Network 

Tracy Atkin | Marlborough Capital

Chuck Geiger | Former CTO PayPal/EBAY

Max Thompson | Callaghan Innovation

Ken Wilcox | Former CIO Roche

Marcus Henderson| NZGCP

Desmond Koh| Compassion Capital

Katie Hickmer| NZGCP

Marcelo De Santis| HITEC & UNICEF

Simon Ansley| NZTE

Marshall Jones| Founder Mind>Body>Speak

Laura Reitel| NZTE

Nadya Hutagalung| Activist

Nathan Stantiall| Callaghan Innovation

Spencer Lake| Former Vice Chairman HSBC

Chris Gebhart| Former SVP Participant Media

Yasmine El Baggari| Founder Voyaj

Ben Tauber| Former CEO Esalen

Desiree Vargas| P33 Chicago

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