Leader Wellbeing Index

We study the wellbeing of leaders as a path to increased innovation and performance 

Powered by Abroad, the Leader Wellbeing Index℠ (LWI) is a global cooperative that provides leaders, organizations, and investors the awareness and support they need to positively impact the world and feel well while they do it.

Human beings are suffering at scale, as evidenced by the global wellbeing market being a $4.2T (yes trillion) market growing 10% annually. Through quantitative and qualitative research in collaboration with university professors and data scientists, LWI is focused on one of the greatest nodes for impact - leaders. 

Our Research

Below are some of the areas where we have either conducted research or are in the process of doing so. 


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

We conducted a landmark global study to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand the sources of their mental and emotional health struggles. 

New Zealand Early-Stage Innovation Ecosystem

New Zealand private and government organizations wanted to uncover how leaders in their early-stage innovation ecosystem compared to our global dataset. 


Senior Executives

In collaboration with leadership networks globally, we are 
researching the wellbeing challenges that corporate 
executives face behind the scenes.

Doctors & Physicians

We are working with networks of doctors to better understand the challenges they face running their practices while working directly with patients.


Investment Portfolios

We provide insights and analytics to venture capital and private 
equity portfolios to help them unlock hidden potential and 
mitigate risk within their portfolios.

Interested in Research?

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