Understanding Imposter Syndrome

A resource for founders & their teams

Impostor Sydrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent, internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud (Psychology Today).

As a founder if you and your team members are experiencing impostor syndrome, know that you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. In the video interview below, Daniel Odio, the CEO of Armory (a YC and Insight Ventures Portfolio Company) and Co-Founder of FounderCulture, interviews Abroad's Founder & CEO Justin Milano to understand the sources of Impostor Syndrome, and the steps you can take to support you and your team.  



Why is Imposter Syndrome Such a Big Deal?

Working through Imposter Syndrome is an especially key personal development area not just for Founders, but also for your employees, because as your company scales you'll be asking your employees to do things they have. A) Never done before and B) Don’t necessarily feel qualified to do


They will find themselves in situations where they'll doubt themselves as the best person to do the work. That, in turn, will keep them from doing their best work, which begins a self-fulfilling negative spiral that's hard to recover from.


As Justin mentions in the video, the good news is that you can do something about it, and he provides a set of tools to use for Founders and employees. As a first step in understanding the sources of your struggles, we invite you to take Abroad's FREE 15-Minute Awareness Assessment that was used to conduct a landmark global study on the wellbeing of 1,300+ Founders.