Everything we offer is designed for positive impact

Below are examples of the social impact that is woven into the fabric of our company and quests:


Transforming Leaders

Our mission is to help the world’s most impactful leaders transform themselves to reach the peak of their potential, rejuvenate their souls and minds, and become motivated from service. By bringing leaders on far away journeys to reconnect with themselves, nature, and the greater purpose of what it means to be human, the positive ripple affects are enormous. In addition to the emotional and spiritual transformations our participants experience, we also include selfless service activities within our Quests to give back to the communities and cultures that welcome us.

Selfless Service helps us develop an abundance mindset and make the powerful shift from self interest to service to others. Through a selfless service mindset you can achieve fulfillment and spark bountiful new ideas for the greater good.


Wellbeing of Children

The Contentment Foundation is dedicated to sharing humanity’s most effective and scientifically proven wellness practices with interested children and adults. For every Abroad Quest, we sponsor an underprivileged school to be trained on the Contentment Foundation's 4 Pillars of Wellbeing curriculum: Mindfulness, Community, Self Curiosity, and Contentment. The wellbeing of our global society starts with the wellbeing of our children, which is why our partnership with the Contentment Foundation is paramount to our social impact strategy.

To date, we have sponsored 3 schools & helped inspire tens of thousands of donations that contribute to their mission.

Click here to learn more about the Foundation.

Social Impact in Destinations

Here are some examples of the impact we have generated in collaboration with our Quest participants:

  1. Donations toward the completion of a local temple led by our Bhutan Generosity Advisor, Dorji Wangchuk

  2. Entrepreneurship Mentoring at Rigter College in Bhutan

  3. Two of our participants are championing initiatives to cure blindness in Bhutan, with a ten thousand donation by one of our faculty members

  4. Donations towards a Community Ashram in Bali in collaboration with the High Priestess Ida Resi

  5. We paid for 6 months of Clean-Up at the iconic Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan

  6. Our lead Bhutanese guide donated his profits toward a new plumbing system at Dodhedra Monastery in Bhutan

And we are just getting started…

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Never underestimate what a small group of people can do to change the world

Margaret Mead

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