Travel & Networking

  1. Unplug & Renew: Visit beautiful wisdom cultures such as Bhutan, Bali, and Peru to get some much needed relaxation time for yourself and your loved ones.

  2. Cultural Immersion: Each Quest includes cultural immersion and opportunities to give back to the communities that welcome us.

  3. Collaborate: Connect with a diverse group of leaders and form professional collaborations and friendships that last a lifetime.

ExecEd & Purpose

  1. The Finest ExecEd: Top business professors and executive coaches will help you discover and empower your personal and professional missions.

  2. Mindset Development: Transform the mindsets that are preventing you from leading with greater vision, courage, and compassion.

  3. Think Strategically: McKinsey reports 50% of senior execs don't spend enough time thinking strategically. This is your chance to take the space to visualize new strategies.

Wisdom & Inner Peace

  1. Wisdom: Learn mindfulness and ancient wisdom practices that connect you to the deeper meaning of your work while rejuvenating your mind and soul.

  2. Happiness & Peace: Learn from the most peaceful and content cultures how to experience the unconditional joy that has been there all along.

  3. Wellbeing: Achieve extraordinary impact and feel well while you do it. Learn from top wellbeing experts how to lead and serve from balance and non-reactivity.


From our Founder

Have you been craving some time to unplug and refine the bigger picture of your work and life? As leaders we often believe we don’t have the luxury of taking this type of break – as much as we would like to.  

Perhaps this is why 96% of senior leaders report feeling at least somewhat burned out (Harvard study), and 50% don’t feel like they are spending enough time guiding the strategy of their business (McKinsey).   

To address these challenges, our team of executive coaches and professors from top universities have created life-changing travel experiences for leaders like you to:

  • receive the finest executive education

  • refine your personal and professional missions for expanded impact

  • network with other exceptional leaders

  • take time for personal renewal with loved ones

  • practice mindfulness and receive tools for self-actualization

To get a taste of what we’re talking about, I invite you to watch the video below that includes highlights of our recent Bhutan Quest that included top executives from IBM, HSBC, Salesforce, State Street Bank, Genentech, Insight Venture Partners, and other top global organizations.

In Service - Justin Milano




“The power of the group was instrumental in helping me crystallize a meaningful personal mission. The support, enthusiasm, and connections I have received from my co-Questers is unprecedented in my experience, and the quiet solitude of Bhutan allowed me to think deeply about my life mission and goals in ways that would not have been possible in my normally fast-paced life in the U.S..

- Ken Wilcox, Former Senior Vice President & Global Pharma CIO


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