Team Quests

5 day quests

5 day quests

Abroad proposes a different approach to team building and strategic planning - our quests take leaders and teams away from conventional contexts into incredible locations and immersive activities designed to inspire an overpowering sense of awe, connection and innovative thinking for long-term growth and high performance.

Check out highlights of our recent Team Quest in Bali.

Custom Quests

7 - 8 Day Custom quests

7 - 8 Day Custom quests

We work with communities and group leaders to create custom quests that include our core ingredients of nature, mindfulness, executive education, and cultural immersion.

To get a taste of what we’re talking about, we invite you to watch the video below that includes highlights of our recent Bhutan Quest that included top executives from IBM, HSBC, Salesforce, State Street Bank, Genentech, Insight Venture Partners, and other top global organizations.

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“The power of the group was instrumental in helping me crystallize a meaningful personal mission. The support, enthusiasm, and connections I have received from my co-Questers is unprecedented in my experience, and the quiet solitude of Bhutan allowed me to think deeply about my life mission and goals in ways that would not have been possible in my normally fast-paced life in the U.S..

- Ken Wilcox, Former Senior Vice President & Global Pharma CIO


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Insight Ignite
The World Innovation Network (TWIN)
Northwestern University

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Harvard Review
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