Full Report & Audios

Download the full entrepreneur wellbeing study below

The full report tells the complete story of how we conducted our research, and the key findings. 


We recognize that we live in a world where human beings now have shorter attention spans than goldfish, which is why our CEO recorded the audios below so you can listen to the findings on the go.  


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, venture capitalist, or government agency, we highly recommend you listen to the audios.       

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Report Audios

IntroAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:47


Our research is introduced, and the stage is set by Abroad founder and CEO Justin Milano.

Prior ResearchAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 06:58

Prior Research

What prior research exists on the mental and emotional health of entrepreneurs?

The Mind Of The EntrepreneurAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 08:42

The Mind of the Entrepreneur

What are some of the dominant beliefs around the mind of the entrepreneur?

The Awareness AssessmentAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 09:20

The Awareness Assessment

How did we design our Awareness Assessment?

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - I Abroad Research Team
00:00 / 08:40

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - I Am My Company

Do you identify as your company? Does society identify you as your company?

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - CoAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 05:04

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - Controlling the Uncontrollable

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to manipulate and control reality to achieved desired outcomes?

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - SeAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 07:30

Spiral of Entrepreneurial Suffering - Self Beat Up

Do you have a harsh inner critic?

The Wellbeing Intervention Part 1Abroad Research Team
00:00 / 09:06

The Wellbeing Intervention Part 1

Is it possible to see measurable improvements in the mental and emotional health of entrepreneurs through a facilitated process? Hear the results of our wellbeing intervention.

The Wellbeing Intervention Part 2Abroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:09

The Wellbeing Intervention Part 2

How can meaningful change be continued after the three-month intervention?

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - PresAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 08:12

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - Pressure Capital

How does pressure capital contribute to the mental and emotional wellbeing of entrepreneurs?

How is the Ecosystem contrinbuting - MedAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:11

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - Media

How does media culture affect the mental and emotional health of founders and investors?

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - PersAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 07:32

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - Personal Growth for VCs

The importance of psychological and emotional development for VCs

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - ScarAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 09:03

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - Scarcity of Development Budgets

Exploring the budget limitations for the wellbeing of entrepreneurs

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - LP EAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:59

How is the Ecosystem Contributing - LP Education

How can LPs play a critical role in addressing founder wellbeing? 

A Hopeful FutureAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 07:55

A Hopeful Future

What can we expect as we look to the future?

Future ResearchAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:19

Future Research

What questions should be asked as we continue to expand our understanding of the mental and emotional health challenges of entrepreneurs?

AcknowledgementsAbroad Research Team
00:00 / 04:20


Justin takes a few moments to thank the many people involved in this study.