Leadership Team Quests

Team Quests change the game by motivating participants and inspiring high-performance within teams. Abroad Quests remove teams from conventional contexts and place them into incredible locations and immersive activities designed to inspire an overpowering sense of awe, connection, and innovative thinking.

All our Quests are designed to connect team members to themselves and each other, discovering each team member’s intrinsic motivation, and providing structured conversations led by seasoned professionals to create powerful team breakthroughs.

Our Quests are designed for executive or senior leadership teams of ten to twenty members with itineraries that can be tailored to emphasize your specific organizational goals. As an added bonus, you will receive a powerful video of your Team Quest for use in future leadership forums and in management recruiting.  

Here are some specific benefits you can expect from a Team Quest:


Greater Vision & Courage

Whether you’re needing to solve a business challenge, kick off a new vision strategy, or incentive your team, our Quests are designed to generate alignment and help teams explore their next evolution of purpose in inspiring ways.

Abroad Quests break the traditional script of lecture and tool training to focus on unleashing the power of the System 1 creative mind - the automatic, fast thinking reflex of intuition and automatic thought, through the careful selection of locations and experiences that induce awe coupled with Executive Education & Mindfulness practices to improve focus and vision.

“We accomplished more clarity in our business in two days then we have in the past 2 months.” - Brad Dolin, CTO Good Culture

Breakthrough’s in Trust & Connection

At Abroad, we believe in the power of bringing courageous conversations outside of the office into immersive settings that become a sandbox for transformation and learning. For deep and meaningful conversations to take place, we combine elements of purpose exploration, emotional connection, and shared experiences. This will provide you and your team with a lifetime memory and create a shared appreciation of individual talents.

“It would have taken us months in traditional environments to establish this level of team connection and trust.” - Rebecca Crotts, Facilitator & People Expert

Renewal in Natural Wonder

Abroad chooses quests to destinations like Bhutan, Bali, Iceland and New Zealand to reconnect people to the awe and majesty of nature. Being outdoors stimulates happiness and motivation and promotes health & wellbeing. Along with top executive coaches, our outdoor venues are specifically chosen to inspire breakthrough thinking and revitalization of body and spirit.

“These experiences refresh people and keep them aligned in the bigger picture” - Todd Pierce, President Good Culture

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
— Andrew Carnegie

Watch highlights from an Abroad Team Quest


Bali Team Quest: This video shares highlights from the Good Culture Team Quest and Offsite in Bali. The Team Quest provided a rare opportunity for the Good Culture team to step out of the day-to-day routine, immerse in the wisdom culture of Bali, and work abroad for two days. These activities deepened connection and trust which served as the foundation for business breakthroughs and a new shared purpose.


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