Abroad Corporate
Social Responsibility

Through research, ancient wisdom, and compassion, Abroad is participating in the creation of the wellbeing economy

Human beings are suffering at scale, as evidenced by the global wellbeing market being a $4.2T (yes trillion) category growing 10% annually. Abroad’s integrated CSR strategies are designed to help address the root causes of the crises, while supporting the development of a wellbeing economy that promotes human and ecological flourishing.





Abroad’s Leader Wellbeing Index is a global cooperative that provides leaders, organizations, and investors the empirical awareness and support they need to positively impact the world and feel well while they do it. It is our hope that LWI become the NPS for leader wellbeing.


While acknowledging the benefits of modernization, the Centers for Traditional Wisdom will explore the possibilities of retrieving and retaining some of the ancient knowledge and tools that may help individuals and societies navigate the complexities of the modern world.


The Global Compassion Project is an international initiative with a mission to alleviate suffering by amassing and regenerating love and compassion in the world. The projects provide leaders and organizations opportunities to experience the joy and contentment of altruistic service.

Get Involved

Each of Abroad’s CSR initiatives provides for three levels of involvement:

Game Changers - These are people and organizations who demonstrate extraordinary courage and compassion by prioritizing their time and energy to coordinate large-scale action around these initiatives. This can include organizing leadership wellbeing programs in your community, working to empower indigenous communities, or organizing a compassion project for your employees to rally around.

Partners - These are people and organizations who demonstrate generosity by providing the financial resources to support these initiatives. This can include sponsoring further wellbeing research, subsidizing leadership wellbeing programs, and/or being a major donor to a wisdom center or compassion project.

Ambassadors - These are people and organizations who are willing to create awareness of these initiatives by inviting your personal, professional, and social networks to learn more about these initiatives, and how to get involved.

Thank you for your precious time to become aware of -- and potentially support -- these initiatives to bring more scientific awareness, wisdom, and compassion to the world in service of human flourishing. If you're interested in supporting any of our initiatives, please fill out the form below.