Core Components of Your Abroad Coaching Program

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Individual Assessment

To begin, you have already taken our Awareness Assessment developed by top psychologists, executive coaches, and investors that measures Self Awareness, Team Cohesion, and Vision & Impact. This is the same assessment that was used to conduct our landmark global study on the wellbeing of leaders. *The results of your individual assessment results remain confidential, so you have the psychological safety to answer questions honestly. Only you have the right to decide who your individual results are shared with 

Customized Growth Plans

You met with me to explore targeted questions to uncover the mindsets and behaviors driving your results, with the goal of designing a customized growth plan as a foundation for your future growth. Growth plans are a critical part of Abroad’s process, as they generate rich quantitative and qualitative insights to set you up for success.


360 Review

In the first or second coaching call, you will work together with your coach to identify the most important stakeholders to participate in confidential 360 interviews with the coach. The focus of these interviews is to identify what others perceive to be your strengths, areas for growth, and potential blind spots. The results of these interviews are then synthesized in a report to inform the focus and goals for coaching.

Leadership Coaching

You will schedule bi-weekly video sessions* with your coach to explore challenges and learning opportunities that are arising, while revisiting goals from your growth plan.

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On-Demand Support

We recognize that life and business do not occur in 2-week intervals, so if at any time there is a challenge or opportunity that arises between sessions, you can text, e-mail, or call your coach to quickly work through it.

Impact Report

After six months, you will retake our assessment and review your learning goals with your Abroad coach to generate a comprehensive impact report. This is an important part of the process for your coach as well, as your coach wants to:

  1. Celebrate your progress

  2. Identify opportunities for continued growth

  3. Be held accountable as your coach to ensure the growth you are seeking is fulfilled

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License to the Abroad Human Transformation Platform

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As part of this coaching program, you will have a license to utilize our digital learning platform that includes the following features:

Audio Breakthrough Masterclass

You will access our full audio Breakthrough program masterclass that you can listen to “on the go” to support your coaching work. As a recent GitHub leader remarked after their Breakthrough experience:

“This was hands down the most transformational program. I will be disappointed by mere skills-based trainings after this.”

Personalized Self-Reflection

Each week, your will receive personalized self reflection questions targeted to your most critical blind spots highlighted in the assessment, along with expert coaching audios on the topic.

Coaching Library

You will benefit from a coaching library that includes wisdom from some of the top coaches, professors, psychologists, and wisdom keepers globally.

Insight Tracking & Post Session Practices

You will also be able to track learning insights related to your growth plan and track post-session practices from your Abroad coach.

Through this comprehensive learning and development approach, you will foster greater transparency and a growth mindset. As transparency and communication increase, so will psychological safety, which according to Google’s landmark study, is the most essential ingredient to high-performing teams. As you feel more safe, informed, and supported, you may make better management decisions and feel empowered to take risks to innovate


Client Testimonials

Coaching with Abroad has been transformative for me. The self-assessment and 360 provided key insights into my competencies and areas in which I needed to improve. The coaching sessions provide an open forum to explore and openly discuss progress and assess the challenges I face. The independent viewpoint and input is invaluable

Justin has provided me with mindfulness tools to assist me in managing the inevitable stress and uncertainties of the job and also outside of work. I truly look forward to each session as a chance to clear my head and focus on how to grow as an executive and a person.

Mike Vandiver
(Insight Ventures Portfolio Company)

Abroad's assessment captured both the rational and emotional side of my leadership style, allowing me to better understand how my emotions and psychology have shaped me as a leader. Through my coaching program, I learned to deeply connect to myself, and as a result, I was able to connect to my deeper purpose with my professional pursuits. This in turn has affected the way I live and lead.

Esther Berrozpe
(First female President in the 125-year history of the company)

I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest from the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. The room didn’t change, but my ability to figure out where I’m going, what the solutions lead to, how I’m reacting, etc. I can be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations.

Sasha Siddartha
($180M funding and $200M+ ARR)

In my 30 years as an executive, Abroad’s leadership development programs are among the best I’ve seen.

Marty Chuck

Through my work with Abroad, I have seen how enhancing my self-awareness and taking good care of myself are fundamental ingredients to Kyash and I achieving our greatest potential for impact. I also appreciate how much I trust Justin due to his openness and honesty.

Shinichi Takataori
($50M funding)