Who We Are

All Abroad coaches have a unique background and perspective that combines psychology, neuroscience, and ancient philosophy (how human behaviors and mindsets change) with business and creativity (practical experience as a leader in business). 


Abroad’s coaches are based around the world across New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America and they bring a depth of mastery and cultural sensitivity that helps clients create lasting change. Coaches continue to grow through Abroad’s ongoing development programs. 


We work together as one team on 1:1, leadership team, and larger cultural transformations to create deep and lasting impact.

Our People

Mina Lee

Specialty: Founders & Executives

Jason Sbordone

Specialty: Managers & High Potentials

Justin Milano

Specialty: Founders & Executives

Juna Mustad

Specialty: Managers & High Potentials

Nadia Mufti

Specialty: Founders

Todd Pierce

Specialty: Executives

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