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Abroad's Evolution Coaching platform offers a holistic approach to executive, team and small group coaching, combining coaching with a learning process that enhances a leaders ability to be self aware, curious and adaptable during inevitable leadership challenges. Below is an outline of our unique approach and platform that supports sustained transformation. 

Individual Coaching

The Abroad coaching process reliably helps leaders actualize their potential, while providing empirical evidence to demonstrate learning ROI    


You begin by taking our proprietary assessment that has been taken by more than 1,500 leaders to uncover strengths and opportunities to grow and thrive

Growth Plan
with Coach

After taking the assessment, you will review your results with an executive coach to get to the deeper insights and design a targeted plan for growth.


After reviewing results, your coach will ask questions to your close colleagues and family members to uncover further growth opportunities.


You and your coach will schedule sessions every other week to explore growth opportunities, while revisiting the learning intentions in your growth plan


Every six months, your coach will generate an impact report with both quantitative and qualitative insights to celebrate your growth and development. 

The process is supported by the Abroad Platform

Self Reflection


"I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest for the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. I can be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations."

Sasha Siddharta
Co-Founder & CTO, Thrive Market

Team & Group Coaching

Team and small group coaching allows leaders to learn with and from each other, thereby making learning exponential. Here's our typical process:

People Analytics

We begin with participants taking our proprietary Awareness Assessment to generate individual, team, and group insights to uncover targeted opportunities for growth.  

Strategy & Goal Setting

After reviewing the assessment results, we then schedule calls and interviews to uncover additional growth opportunities and generate a formal learning and development plan.   

Virtual Learning

Depending on strategy, we may host virtual live sessions where our skilled facilitators deliver high-impact, evidenced-based learning to address the growth opportunities highlighted in the L&D plan. 

Team Coaching

Inspired by the assessment and virtual learning, participants set learning intentions to be explored in coaching circles. Team and group coaching enhances learning by allowing participants to learn with and from each other, while building trust and cohesion.   

Team Coaching Feedback

Abroad worked with IMoney, a 200+ person growth startup operating in Southeast Asia. Here are some quotes from their leaders and managers about their team coaching experience.  


“What really took my breath away in these sessions was the recognition that no matter how difficult the situation, I can choose to respond over react.”


“After experiencing the research on emotional intelligence, I believe this is the most important skill of the next decade. It effects everything - decision-making, leadership, and poise under pressure.”

“Learning about growth mindset, and how to turn even the most challenging situations into a winning situation was quite impactful for me."

Coaches & Facilitators

We are honored to work with an international group of highly-experienced coaches

and faciltators who understand the importance of holistic leadership development.

Justin Milano
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Mina Lee
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Simon Moyes
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Nadia Mufti
Specialty: Founders
Jason Sbordone
Specialty: Managers & High Potentials
Juna Mustad
Specialty: Managers & High Potentials
Todd Pierce
Specialty: Executives
Rebecca Crotts
Specialty: People Leaders
Marcelo De Santis
Specialty: Founders & Executives
Janine Parziale
Specialty: Community
Nigel Wylie
Specialty: Co-Founder Dynamics
Melissa Loh
Specialty: Founders & High Potentials

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