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Become an Abroad Coach

Take the next step in your coaching career


You are a gifted coach and solopreneur who enjoys working autonomously and virtually. While you do great work with your clients, the impact you can create individually can only go so far. 
You recognize that partnering with a network of coaches and having the power of a platform dedicated to sustained human transformation and development would allow you to step into a much larger purpose than working alone.  
This is what Abroad coaching is all about. We are a full-service platform designed by executive coaches to serve leaders through customized individual and group coaching, evidence-based curriculum, and technology-supported engagement. We care about long-term measurable client results, and we are committed to gathering valuable research on innovators and entrepreneurs to build the Wellbeing Economy. 

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High-Impact Coaching Through Our Human Transformation Platform

Business Development On Us

Receive qualified leads and access to new markets without lifting a finger.  We are building partnerships with accelerator networks, growth-stage ventures, stock exchanges and corporates who understand the value of coaching. We build the relationships and support the process so that you have more time to enjoy what you do best: coaching high-impact leaders. 

Algorithm-Driven Client Matchmaking

Once a leader takes our psychometric assessment, our proprietary algorithm suggests the perfect coach to pair them with (like you) to have a call and explore the fit. We also invite our clients to visit your profile page so that they are eager and interested in choosing to work with you. All of this means we deliver qualified leads based on your coaching specialities and superpowers. 

Admin Made Easy

Abroad has built the best back-office technology in the coaching industry. From logging sessions to billing, we understand the time it takes to track clients. Designed by coaches for coaches, we understand your needs. Simply log your sessions, and at the end of the month you will be paid through Transferwise or Paypal. 

Assessment Training and Wellbeing Expertise

As an Abroad coach you will be trained in our proprietary Awareness Assessment (valued at $5000) completely free. Learn a tool which uniquely focuses on the wellbeing of innovators and leaders. This is the same assessment used in our global landmark study on the wellbeing of leaders. 

Premium Rates. Flexible Living

Abroad offers you premium hourly rates for your coaching sessions, 360 and impact reports. We find that coaching with Abroad 5-10 hours per week allows most people to make an excellent living while having the freedom to live anywhere. 

Community Sessions with Coaches & Experts

Join calls with other elite coaches to learn with and from each other. We believe in the power of community where our talented fleet of coaches can leverage one another’s gifts to best serve the transformation of clients. 

Custom Profile Pages

When you are accepted into our Abroad Coach 
community we will design and create a dedicated 
profile page which highlights your skills, testimonials, 
and captures your unique style.

Coaching Audios

Contribute to our audio library to be promoted in our client network, and for each audio you produce, we will make a donation to a compassion project of your choice.  

Celebrate Your Impact

Our assessments, 360, and impact reports allow you to see the measurable results from your work with clients. Demonstrating learning ROI is one of the most rewarding parts of the engagement for both you and the client.  

A Platform and Team to Suit Your Needs

Join the Team 

We meet you where you are. If being part of our larger collective mission and community is intrinsically motivating, we can explore different ways to engage.

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Abroad Affiliate Coach 

Abroad Affiliate Coaches have a balance between practical business/executive experience, coaching background, and depth of personal development. Once trained, they are skilled in applying insights from the assessment in their coaching. We trust them intrinsically to work with our network of leaders and executives. 

 Domain Experts

These are top experts willing to get involved in special projects and custom programs. These professionals are at the top of their game, available to consult on growing businesses in support of their accelerated growth and development. 


Specialist Coaches

These are trusted coaches who extend our network when we have specific needs for our global clientele. This includes non-English coaching contracts, coaches who specialize in executive body language, co-founder and partner conflict, etc. 

Beyond Coaching: The Abroad Referral Network

This is our wider practitioner network we lean on for areas that are outside of coaching altogether. We refer our clients out for areas which include nutrition consulting, Enneagram, relationship therapy, and traditional therapy.


Ready to be an Abroad coach?

Complete our coaching questionnaire so we can get to know your coaching superpowers and the clients you want to serve.