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I work with leaders at the following organizations :

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What if connection and vulnerability built the most powerful leadership teams and organizations? 

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Coaching Style & Expertise

I help leaders build cultures of authenticity,  exhilarating creativity, and joyful collaboration. Interpersonal relationships can be the engine that naturally fuels positive energy rather than exacting a cost to build the life we want. My work spans from individual executive coaching, design and facilitation of leadership retreats, to multi-year team and culture transformation journeys. My clients are in the U.S., Europe, China and Southeast Asia.


It's rare for someone to be gifted both as a facilitator and as a business strategist.

In my work with Mina, both one-on-one and in groups, she can seamlessly weave the two where even the process of creating a business plan together has been deeply transformative, guiding me more firmly into my sense of purpose and deepest vision.

Mikey Siegel

Founder of Conscious Hacking

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When I moved from NYC to Shanghai, I was seeking a deeper level of personal and professional integration in my life and needed help seeing new career possibilities. While I had worked with executive coaches previously, Mina uniquely held the more complex worldview and alignment that I wanted to develop in myself.


As a coach, Mina made it safe for me to explore the inevitable conflicts that arise during transition and created an environment conducive to growing. She tapped into all domains of knowing and drew from many tools to help me train my intuition and breakthrough to new ways of thinking.


Since working with Mina, I’ve experienced more synchronicity in my life and new opportunities have emerged almost effortlessly.”

Hillary Garris

CFO of Happify

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“Mina Lee is a rare combination of a precise strategic mind coupled with a highly skilled ability to facilitate open inquiry. This merger of skills enables her to both ask AND allow the right questions to help her clients uncover the answers that they seek.


I’ve experienced this personally on a recent project of mine — and Mina’s strategic inquiry made the difference for me. These skills also make her an ideal workshop and conference facilitator.


Mina is a community builder and is able to help people connect to the resources that they need. She’s done business in both the US and China and as such is a strong cross-border bridge. I’ve often been impressed by the quality of her network in both places - as I too have worked in China.


Lastly, Mina is a high integrity person and her desire is to see the best outcome for all. You cannot go wrong partnering with Mina or having her help you accomplish your mission. I certainly have not.”

Nichol Bradford

ED and Co-Founder of TransTech Lab and Transformative Tech Conference

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