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Justin Milano



I work with leaders at the following organizations

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What if you liberated yourself from your self-imposed limitations, and how would you lead if your success and worthiness was never in question?

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Coaching Style & Expertise

I help my clients transcend outdated leadership paradigms to unlock individual and organizational potential. The way I work is by supporting people in challenging their deeply held assumptions and fear-based mindsets so they can express their unlimited creative potential. I work with leaders and teams across the globe, and what I enjoy most is bringing senior executives to places like Bhutan and New Zealand to learn from wisdom keepers what it means to cultivate a flourishing human existence.  


I used to be coached by the legendary Bill Campbell, and Justin’s executive coaching has the same level of impact.

Chuck Geiger

Former CTO PayPal and Co-Founder Chegg


I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest from the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. The room didn’t change, but my ability to figure out where I’m going, what the solutions lead to, how I’m reacting, etc. I can just be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations

Sasha Siddartha

Co-Founder & CTO Thrive Market


Abroad's assessment captured both the rational and emotional side of my leadership style, allowing me to better understand how my emotions and psychology have shaped me as a leader. Through my coaching program with Justin, I learned to deeply connect to myself, and as a result I was able to connect my deeper purpose with my professional pursuits. This in turn has affected the way I live and lead.

Esther Berrozpe

Former President Whirlpool 


Coaching with Justin has been transformative for me. The self-assessment and 360 provided key insights into my competencies and areas in which I needed to improve. The coaching sessions provide an open forum to explore and openly discuss progress and assess the challenges I face. The independent viewpoint and input is invaluable. 


Justin has provided me with mindfulness tools to assist me in managing the inevitable stress and uncertainties of the job and also outside of work. I truly look forward to each session as a chance to clear my head and focus on how to grow as an executive and a person.

Mike Vandiver

CFO Tricentis

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Through my work with Justin, he has helped me see how enhancing my self awareness and taking good care of myself are fundamental ingredients to Kyash and I achieving our greatest potential for impact. I also appreciate how much I trust Justin due to his openness and honesty

Shinichi Takatori

Founder & CEO Kyash