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Björn Kälin



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What if by respectfully watching out for each other, each and everyone of us can realize their dreams and ambitions?

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Coaching Style & Expertise

My passion is to help individuals, teams and organizations to see what great things they have, what they want to achieve and how this can lead to insights. I aspire to work across boundaries and to work with curiosity and courage that can open your eyes and provide you with a sense of contentment. My passion is to work across the globe, particularly with people who enter a new phase in their lives or a new role in business.


I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Björn for over 2 years. He has the unique ability to listen intently and clearly connect with you on various challenges that you are facing as an executive. He has an empathetic approach toward coaching, where you feel both comfortable and motivated to work your way through challenges. Björn cares deeply about his clients and seeks to understand you as a person. He has helped me greatly to sharpen my leadership skills, improve my work-life balance, and more effectively confront conflict. I highly recommend Björn to anyone who values self-improvement and is looking for an experienced, professional, and pragmatic coach who deeply cares about his clients.

Derek Grundy

General Manager, HongFu Industrial Group - Nike Brand

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Björn’s unique strategy takes your situation in business and in life fully into account. His is a measured approach to coaching that generates important insights, which lead to actionable results. Looking at your strengths from different perspectives will allow you to find new ways of moving forward, promising not only fast but also sustainable success.

Viviane Egli

Founder and CEO, Primafila Correspondents, Zürich Switzerland


Björn's soft approach to guide you to new insights has helped me to develop not only as a leader but mainly as a person. His approach to involve people as a whole and provide challenging questions provoke important thinking that provided an important fresh perspective.

Nicolás Fernández

Founder, Auguri