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Compassionate Leadership

Here are some examples of how Abroad and our executives are giving back to the communities that welcome us.


Abroad luminaries have championed new initiatives to cure blindness and oral cancer in Bhutan, including research, field work, and tens of thousands of donations.


The Abroad team has sponsored the completion of a community temple in Rukha, as well as a plumbing system for Dodhedra Monastery in Bhutan.


Our team and executives are contributing to the development of entrepreneurship programs at Norbu Rigter College to support the future leaders of Bhutan.

Tiger's Nest.jpeg

In collaboration with a local Lama, Abroad sponsored a six month community-led program that provided clean-up at and around the iconic Tiger's Nest monastery in Bhutan.

Kids Meditating.jpg

Abroad sponsored 4 underprivileged schools for the Contentment Foundation's 4 Pillars of Wellbeing curriculum, and our execs have donated hundreds of thousands to the foundation's mission. 


Abroad supported the development of a community Ashram in collaboration with Bali's High Priestess Ida Resi. We also bought new robes for the monks of Dodhedra Monastery. 

Abroad Wisdom Board

To ensure the highest integrity of our offerings, we created an advisory board of wisdom keepers to guide the strategy and development of our organization, beyond the business/financial aspects. 


We grant our indigenous partners founders stock in our organization along with full autonomy to use the stock toward the social and environmental causes that could most benefit.  


The simple truth is without nature, the incredible cultures we visit, and the thousands of years of wisdom that has preceded us on what it means to live a flourishing life, Abroad quests are not possible.  


For this reason we are continually learning from our indigenous partners about how to form lasting, regenerative collaborations with the countries we visit.   

"Never underestimate what a small

group of people can do to change the world."

— Margaret Mead