The Breakthrough Program

Uplevel your people and unlock the secrets to enduring wellbeing in just 2 hours per week 

The Breakthrough Program transforms limiting mindsets and is scientifically-evidenced to enhance wellbeing, leadership, and innovation.

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As a leader if you learn about the program and think ‘I’m just too busy for this,” you should have signed up a year ago.

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The Breakthrough program is very deep, reflective, and relevant. It’s like re-learning to be human.

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This was hands down the most transformational program I have ever attended. I will be disappointed by mere skills-based trainings after this.

Program Overview

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The Breakthrough Program was designed to encourage courageous people to unlock their greatest potential as leaders and as humans. Our current professional paradigm promotes stress, nonstop activity, and depletion, but the Breakthrough Program shifts the focus toward liberation, inner discovery, creativity, and potential.


This four-month program gives your people the tools to evolve beyond limiting mindsets and enhance their leadership potential and overall wellbeing. For those ready to take a deep look inside and do the work to make real change, the Breakthrough Program can be revolutionary.


Breakthrough translates empirical research to practical applications.

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What You’ll Get

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The Breakthrough Program begins with our psychometric assessment, crafted by top psychologists, investors, and coaches and used to conduct our landmark study on the wellbeing of leaders.

Awareness Assessment


Growth Plan

Based on the highlights of the assessment, your people will be paired with a coach who will help them create a Growth Plan. This 1:1 session includes targeted questions to help them uncover the mindsets and behaviors leading to their results while inspiring them toward exciting growth possibilities. 

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Live Community Sessions

Breakthrough's bi-weekly 90-minute video sessions put your people on the same journey of self-understanding and builds a strong sense of team connection. In addition to these live sessions, your people will be placed in peer groups where they can receive on-demand support from our coaches.  


Individual Coaching

After each person completes their Growth Plan, you can choose for your people to have an additional session with their coach at the program’s end (4 months) to celebrate their accomplishments and plan for the future. You can also add optional additional coaching sessions for your people during and after the program.

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Digital Platform

Each participant in the Breakthrough Program is granted access to Abroad’s full digital platform for personalized learning and transformation.

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Masterclass & Coaching Audios

Your people will benefit from a complete library of masterclass content and coaching audios that include wisdom and advice from the world’s top thought leaders, coaches, professors, and psychologists.


Personalized Self Reflection

Every week, your people will receive personalized self-discovery questions and expert coaching audios targeted toward their most critical blind spots revealed in the initial assessment.

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Insight Tracking &
Measure Progress

Throughout the program your people can keep track of key learning insights related to their Growth Plan. At the end of the Breakthrough Program, your people will retake the Awareness Assessment to see how far they’ve come and celebrate their transformations.

Is the Breakthrough Program right for my organization?

What if I liberated myself from my self-imposed limitations?

What if my mind felt more focused and free?

What if I were perfectly balanced amidst the chaos?

What if I strengthened my curiosity muscles to discover new strategies for success?

What if I no longer beat myself up for your mistakes, setbacks, and failures?

And just as important, what if I knew my worthiness was never in question? 

If you’re inspired to help your people unlock their full potential, the Breakthrough Program is the ultimate tool for their self-growth. Through the Breakthrough Program, your people will begin to discover the answers to these questions and more:

About Abroad

Abroad was founded out of a deep passion for helping people reach their true potential as professionals and as humans. We combine research, education, and coaching to help committed individuals evolve beyond their previous limitations and move themselves and their companies forward, backed up by empirical data.

Meet Your Breakthrough Facilitator

Justin is an entrepreneur and executive coach who has spent the past decade immersing himself in wisdom traditions and researching the mind of entrepreneurs, innovators and senior executives. As CEO of Abroad, Justin will be your guide on this first step toward helping your people actualize their greatest self. 

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Justin Milano

Founder & CEO of Abroad


The scientific results 75 global leaders achieved by completing Breakthrough

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Curriculum Overview


Growth Mindset & Self Compassion

Are you hard on yourself for your mistakes and failures? Do you believe that in order to achieve your potential you must be hard on yourself? This module explores how you can use a powerful combination of growth mindset and self compassion to actualize your potential.



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