Travel & Cultural Benefits


The farther I travel, the closer I am to myself.

-Andrew McCarthy


Step Away to Renew

By combining a world-class executive education experience with travel, you’ll have the chance to renew, reconnect with yourself and nature, and elevate your mindfulness to prepare for greater achievements.

Cultural Experiences

We plan experiences to learn valuable lessons from fascinating local cultures during your Abroad Quest, including their way of seeing the world, their spirituality, and what makes them content.

Local Concierge

A local concierge will be personally assigned to you to handle your every need. This will allow you to take your mind off everything other than the life-changing experience that you are here for.

Incredible Destinations

We choose photogenic, incredible destinations for Abroad Quests such as Bali, New Zealand and Bhutan–selected for their access to pristine nature, remarkable scenery and relaxed culture to help you revitalize. 

Mission & Strategy Benefits


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

-Albert Einstein


Discover and Empower Your Missions

Whether you are searching for your next evolution of impact or purpose, or have already aligned on a mission, your Abroad Quest is designed to empower your efforts and provide you valuable community and support.

Renew Your Strategies

The majority of senior leaders don’t feel like they have enough time to guide the strategic direction of their company. Through personalized coaching we help you visualize new strategies to accomplish ambitious goals.

Community Support

Once you land on the bigger purpose and strategy for your personal and professional pursuits, you will be surrounded by a community of friends who can help you accelerate your efforts.

Strategy & Execution

You will learn from top business professors and executive coaches how some of the greatest leaders executed their mission and achieved extraordinary impact.

Learning & Self Actualization Benefits

Dodedra Monastery.jpeg

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

- Mahatma Ghandi


Clear Your Mind

Take time from the business of life to slow down, clear your mind, and connect to nature. In doing so, you prime your mind for fresh insights on how to achieve your greatest impact.

Experience the Peace Within

According to the ancient wisdom texts of all spiritual and religious traditions, there is a universal truth that when remembered, connects us to an unshakeable feeling of inner peace. This is your chance to experience it.

Connect to Yourself

The ancient wisdom of mindfulness can bring a renewed connection to yourself along with a fresh meaning to your existence. Learn the philosophy behind mindfulness and the science of its proven benefits.

Selfless Service

Develop an abundance mindset and make the powerful shift from self interest to service to others. Through a selfless service mindset you can achieve fulfillment and spark bountiful new ideas for the greater good.


"You can accomplish anything so long as you are willing to let others take credit for it."

-Dona Laura, Peruvian Shaman

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