A Break for Renewal, Peace and Purpose

To the uninitiated, Bali is a place for surfing, massages, and Indonesian cuisine. However, for those who have taken the time to immerse themselves in the local culture and perhaps live in Bali, they quickly realize that Bali is a magical destination with a local culture that is perhaps one of the most content and peaceful on the planet.

This 6-Night Abroad Quest starts off in magical Ubud - the cultural heart of Bali - and a place for deep transformation and renewal. We will begin with cultivating a daily mindfulness practice, and experiencing the rituals, art and authentic essence of Balinese culture and wisdom. We will also integrate executive education sessions into these activities to support you in contemplating your next evolution of personal and professional impact.    

We will then make our way down to Uluwatu, home to Bali’s towering cliffs and famous surf breaks. It is here overlooking the Indian Ocean, that we will invite you to breathe in the fresh ocean air and crystallize your visions. By the end of this Quest, you will feel grounded, recharged, and inspired for your life missions ahead.

World-Class Executive Education

On your Quest you will also receive the finest executive education from top professors, executive coaches and guest speakers. Our lead expert for this Quest is Dr. Daniel Cordaro, former Director of Wellbeing at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and CEO of the Contentment Foundation. He will be joined by Justin Milano - CEO of Abroad and International executive coach to top entrepreneurs and CEO's - and Emmet Keefe, who is a Partner at Insight Venture Partners and an expert on digital business transformation (see bios below).

What’s different about our ExecEd is our focus on developing the whole human. By the end of this Quest, it is our promise that you will learn skills to connect deeply to yourself, find a new source of fulfillment within, and use that fuel to enhance your leadership and professional impact in the world. Our ExecEd is a combination of practical business training and self-discovery.           

For more information, see photos and frequently asked questions below.

Cheers to your transformation...

The Abroad Team


What's Included

  • 6 nights stay in beautiful accommodations in Ubud & Uluwatu

  • ExecEd for self awareness, leadership, purpose and mindset development

  • Mind-blowing cultural immersion and selfless service experiences

  • Rejuvenation and spa treatments

  • Impromptu sessions with a senior executive coaches to empower your personal missions

  • All meals and non-alcoholic drinks

  • Community dinners with inspiring guest speakers sharing their knowledge on Hinduism, culture and karmic service

  • Powerful professional networking and collaboration opportunities

  • Comprehensive travel insurance policy

  • 90-minute online group forum post the Quest

  • Dedicated local concierge

  • Airport transfers

  • Put simply, once you arrive in Bali, we take care of the rest

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Dates & Pricing

Aug 4-10, 2019

($6,000/£4,750): Based on double occupancy and includes beautiful accommodations throughout

*$8,000/£6,350 single occupancy

Scholarships are available for non-profit and emerging leaders. Contact us to apply.

Full Payment Required to Reserve Limited Spots

75% refund if cancelled 60+ days prior to arrival; 50% refund if cancelled 30+ days prior to arrival. Within 30 days we will do our best.

Further Questions
Please e-mail sophie@abroad.io



Curriculum Highlights & Faculty

Wisdom: Mindfulness & Contentment

As you uncover new inspiration on our Quest, Dr. Daniel Cordaro will guide you through mindfulness and ancient wisdom practices to connect to the happiness and peace within. As your mind and soul reboot on the deepest levels, you will cultivate a sense of unconditional self acceptance and mental balance you previously deemed impossible. From this place, you will develop selfless service mindsets that facilitate the conditions for you to achieve positive global impact.         

Dr. Daniel Cordaro: CEO of the COntentment Foundation, Former Director of Wellbeing at Yale

Dr. Daniel Cordaro: CEO of the COntentment Foundation, Former Director of Wellbeing at Yale

Building a Network to Achieve Purpose

Emmet has been a key ally for Abroad since his first Quest to Bhutan, and we are honored to invite him to share his wisdom from the nation where his new purpose was born. Emmet is the founder of Insight IGNITE, an Executive Roundtable Series that delivers world-class thought leadership and networking opportunities for business and technology leaders. He will be sharing how he has built a powerful professional network over the past 30 years to achieve his missions.

Emmet is also passionate about peace and recently became Co-founder of The Contentment Foundation. His new purpose is to support the education of one billion children globally on how to access the peace already inside them.



Empowering Purpose: Courage & Mindset

The most successful people in the world are concerned about the notion of mission and purpose. They continually ask questions about where they are going, and where we are going as a species. Through sessions and 1:1 coaching, Justin will help you transform any mindsets that are preventing you from leading with greater courage, compassion, and purpose. As a bonus, the work we do in these sessions will also unlock new paths to wellbeing, creativity, and innovation.        

Justin Milano: CEO of Abroad & Good Culture, International Executive COach

Justin Milano: CEO of Abroad & Good Culture, International Executive COach

Yoga & Meditation: Cultivating a Practice

Lisa will be our concierge on the Quest, making sure that every detail is tended to so you can relax fully into the experience.

Lisa is a Vedic meditation and Hatha yoga teacher who has facilitated over 50 week-long yoga retreats that are rated among the most popular in Bali. She will be offering optional morning yoga and meditation throughout the Quest to support you in cultivating a regular practice. Lisa is also the Chief People Officer at the Contentment Foundation and brings her experience as a former researcher at Yale where she co-authored Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools with RULER (2016) among other peer-reviewed publications in the fields of psychology and emotional intelligence.



Cultural Immersion: Wellness & Culture

As a Bali resident, Sophie’s role is to craft authentic Balinese cultural experiences to help you connect to the wisdom and inspiration of Bali. Abroad is devoted to respecting and celebrating the cultures we visit, which is why Sophie searches for unique wisdom keepers and off-the-beaten-path venues for learning and awe. Our carefully curated program includes daily excursions and wellness programs that will rejuvenate your spirit and return you home with fresh inspiration.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my spouse and kids?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. We also welcome your loved ones to attend the Holistic ExecEd sessions, since any human can benefit from these explorations.

What will we discuss during my 30-minute interview?

During the required 30-minute interview, our CEO will learn a bit more about your personal goals, challenges and opportunities. The call is designed to determine if this is the right experience for you, or if another coaching or educational opportunity is better.  

Is the curriculum customized?

Yes, our curriculum and coaching is designed to be adaptable. Each day during the Quest our faculty will meet to discuss the unique needs of our group, and if any adjustments need to be made. In this way, it will be fully customized, relevant, and as directly helpful toward accomplishing your personal and professional goals as possible.

What will I be learning?

Our faculty is chosen for their demonstrated expertise and track record in their area of domain expertise that you can read more about above.    

How do you choose your locations?

We carefully select the destinations for Abroad Quests based on the extraordinary outdoor activities, scenery, suitable luxurious accommodations, and the opportunity to experience enlightening local cultures. Through immersion experiences, our group learns about what exactly makes people happy in some of the most content cultures in the world.

What is the size of the cohort?

We limit cohort sizes to 15 main participants to ensure everyone experiences focused personal and professional transformation. This also makes it easier to form meaningful relationships with other participants. By the end of the Quest, it is our hope that you form friendships and professional collaborations that last a lifetime.

Who will be on the trip with me?

The group will include senior leaders and influencers from top organizations throughout the world. Expect high-net worth individuals, C-Suite execs, partners at major financial institutions, emerging leaders, and their families.   

Are my flights included?

No. You will need to arrange your flights to Bali (DPS).

Do I have to stay at the chosen hotels?

Yes, you are required to stay at the same place as other participants, since many meaningful relationships are formed during the peaceful hours before bed on property. Breaking up participants diminishes the experience.  

Where will we be staying?

In Ubud, we will be staying at Blue Karma, embraced by rice fields and rainforest climbs. We will then make our way to Uluwatu, and stay at Suarga Padang Padang, a sustainable boutique resort situated amidst Indonesia's premier surf breaks along Bali's iconic southern peninsula.

Who will be my Executive Coach?

We pair you with the appropriate executive coach based on the personal and professional needs identified during the interview process, or based on what’s coming up for you during the Quest experience.   

What does the dedicated local concierge do?

Our local concierge is responsible for making sure you don't have to think about anything other than your personal and professional growth. Your Abroad Quest is a high-touch seamless travel experience made possible by our local concierge and all the wonderful locals we work with. 

For any further questions, please e-mail sophie@abroad.io


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Our Social Impact: For every Abroad cohort, we sponsor an underprivileged elementary school to receive wellbeing training with the Contentment Foundation. The wellbeing of our society begins with the wellbeing of future generations. To learn more about this initiative, click here